Despicable Me Dave with Minion Rocket Launcher

If you love the Despicable Me Minions and are a fan of Dave then check out Dave with this Minion Rocket Launcher.

Not so much a success in Despicable Me 2. Fans will remember that Minion Dave pulled this out from behind his back in celebration of Gru’s announcement of a moon heist. This rocket launcher notoriously misfires and Dave even sent one exploding into a crowd of Minions in the movie.

Control is key, however, with this almost 5-inch two-eyed skinny Minion Dave action figure with the impeccably combed hair. You control the rocket launcher and Dave moves his mouth and eyes in shear delight when one of two included rocket darts are launched.

His little gray goggled warm brown eyes and his mouth (with perfectly aligned teeth) respond when you press the Gru logo on the pocket of his denim-colored overalls.

Facts about Despicable Me Dave with Minion Rocket Launcher

  • Despicable Me 2 Dave is made of plastic and measures just under 5-inches tall
  • His brown goggled eyes and mouth move when you press the pocket of his overalls with the Gru logo
  • Minion Dave’s arms and elbows are poseable
  • Dave is balanced and can stand all by himself when he IS NOT holding the Rocket Launcher
  • The Rocket Launcher is almost as long lengthwise as Minion Dave is tall
  • It clips onto Dave’s arm but can be positioned to look like Dave is holding it
  • The long Launcher upsets his balance when it is attached and he may fall over
  • Dave’s Rocket Launcher is included and comes with two (2) red tipped gray darts that can be fired when you squeeze the trigger
  • The Launcher makes no sound when firing a rocket dart
  • Dave the Minion makes no actual sounds but rather mouth and eye movements
  • Because there are small parts, the manufacturer recommends this Despicable Me Rocket Launcher Dave for ages 4 and older
  • Dave is officially licensed Universal Despicable Me merchandise that is made in China and imported
  • He is distributed by Thinkway Toys and arrives in original packaging for collectors
  • There are no batteries needed and the only assembly is inserting the rocket darts into the launcher
  • Prices for this Despicable Me Dave Action Figure are set by the supplier and not this website