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The 10 Best Bike Trailers for Kids – Reviews and Guides 2019

A while ago when I was first beginning cycling, I recall how simple it was simply to pack up and hit the street. However, at that point, I began a family, and things got more confounded. The additional time that you once had all of a sudden winds up stuffed with jugs, diapers, and excursions to the play area.

What’s more, even though you get an entirely decent exercise pursuing your kids all over the wilderness rec center, as a parent, regardless you need time for genuine exercise. In addition to the fact that it is advantageous to your wellbeing, however, it gives you more vitality to stay aware of those little rugrats.

So how would you keep up a functioning way of life with a family?

Simple… bring the family along!

That is the thing that a bike trailer for kids will do. It encourages you to keep up a functioning way of life while bringing your kids curious to see what happens.

It enables you to keep cycling, however, it gives a positive effect on your kids. Being dynamic and outside will enable them to create solid propensities for what’s to come.

So if you’re prepared to begin your new dynamic way of life with your family, at that point this is the guide for you. To begin with, you will figure out how to choose a bike trailer. A short time later, you will find out about the best bike trailers for kids in 2019. So how about we make a plunge and begin.

How to Pick Out A Bike Trailer for Kids? Which is Best for Your Child?

With regards to purchasing a bike trailer, there is a wide range of components to consider. We as whole live various lives. Our families are various sizes, we live in better places, and we as a whole have various needs. Fortunately, there is an assortment of trailers to fulfil whatever way of life you have.

Where do you start?

Before picking a trailer, its import it’s basic to realize what you’re searching for. It’s smarter to take care of business the first run through as opposed to managing returns and discounts later. Since we as a whole know the delight that accompanies a call to those 1800 numbers!

So with that, how about we hop into how to select a bike trailer beginning with the various sorts.

Trailer Type

There are various sorts of bike trailers. The most prevalent trailer is the carriage style. The carriage type just interfaces with the back of a grown-up bike. Be that as it may, not all carriage types are the equivalent. Some additionally come as kid buggies and joggers. Truly, I know… quite wonderful. This is immense in addition to on the grounds that as opposed to purchasing a jogger for running and a trailer for riding, you just need to get one that does both. Significantly more, it’s advantageous in light of the fact that as opposed to putting away two bits of gear you just need room in your storage room and trunk for one.

Presently, in spite of the fact that the carriage type is the most well-known, there are as yet different styles accessible. One other kind of bike trailer comes as a genuine littler bike. This fills more than one need. Truly, you fundamentally use it as a bike trailer, but on the other hand, it’s an advantageous method to enable your youngster to get comfortable with riding a bike. They will become acclimated to the vibe and have the choice to either pedal or coast.

When you pick what sort of trailer you need, next, you ought to decide how a lot of room you need in the lodge.

Cabin Size

OK since you know the kind of trailer you’re searching for, it’s an ideal opportunity to look at within on the off chance that you pick a carriage style.

Along these lines, above all else, choose what number of seats you need. Most trailers accompany either two seats. Notwithstanding, a few models may have the decision of it is possible that a couple. Regardless of whether you have one youngster, you may need another seat for a companion, additional capacity, or a canine.

Be that as it may, remember there is a decision of seat number when requesting. Even though the image may demonstrate two seats, you could have the alternative for one seat when requesting. So ensure you give close consideration, so you request the right number of seating with your trailer.

Likewise, investigate the lodge size when all is said in done. Is there enough head and shoulder space for your kids? Kids are on the whole various sizes, and your youngster might be huge for his age. So ensure it’s open enough for a comfortable ride for everybody.

Weight Capacity

Each bike trailer has a rating for a specific weight. For instance, if the weight limit is 80 lbs., that is 80lbs aggregate between your kids AND capacity. So you need to think about how what supplies you intend to convey notwithstanding the heaviness of your kids.

In any case, despite the fact that there are weight limitations, rest guarantee you shouldn’t keep running into a lot of an issue. That is on the grounds that when your kid weighs a lot for the trailer they are normally prepared to ride alone. Yet at the same time, weight is something to watch out for, particularly on the off chance that you are wanting to pack a great deal of additional items.

Since you have decided your weight limit, it’s an ideal opportunity to settle on what kind of seat you need.

Seat Type

Next, think about what sort of seat you need inside the bike trailer. There are two normal sorts: strong and listing. A steady seat is a point at which every traveler has their very own individual seat. It’s typically a lounger style bolstered with a bridle. This kind of seating is significantly more comfortable and is perfect for long rides. It’s additionally more secure all in all. On the other hand, a drooping seat sits the traveler on the floor of the carriage. You normally discover this style seat on the ease forms.

For the non-carriage style bike trailers, the seating is clear as crystal. If it’s you purchase the little bike sort of trailer, at that point the seat is only your bike. Also, on the off chance that it’s a traveler style, at that point, they have their individual bolstered seat.

Whatever style you pick, you shouldn’t have an issue recognizing diverse seat types. So since you realize what sort of seat you need, how about we investigate the different wellbeing highlights accessible.


Possibly the most basic factor when picking a bike trailer is security. The central issue of “is it safe?” should be replied. What’s more, in spite of the fact that we settle on that choice for ourselves, one shared factor it affirmation. All the best bike trailers will have a broadly perceived wellbeing confirmation.

With respect to wellbeing highlights, there are many additional items accessible. The first to consider is simply the shading. You should go with a splendid shading to make it progressively obvious. A major brilliant yellow trailer will be a lot simpler to see at that point say a smooth dark trailer. Likewise, see what sort of intelligent apparatus it accompanies. The best trailers have reflectors and intelligent material on every one of the four sides just as reflectors on the wheels. Some likewise accompany an alert banner that sticks open to question. The fact of the matter is that it’s basic for the trailer to stay obvious consistently.

Here’s a fun truth: wellbeing highlights can include comfort also. For instance, most trailers accompany an outside spread. This kind of spread keeps out downpour, bugs, and twist, all while enabling the air to vent in the lodge. A few covers even have an UV insurance screen to forestall over the top sun presentation. I know how we can stress over our little one’s skin when going through the day outside in the sun. Different additional items are cushions on the seat just as the seat lashes, and a move confine for included insurance.

As we as a whole know… security starts things out. So ensure you feel totally certain with the wellbeing of the trailer. For a fact, whenever I penance wellbeing for a couple of additional bucks, I ALWAYS think twice about it. So in case you’re stuck in the center, I prescribe spending the couple of additional dollars for consolation. This will wipe out any purchaser’s regret and protect your family decent and.

After you settle on your wellbeing highlights, it’s a great opportunity to decide how a lot of capacity you need.

Storage Size

What do you intend to convey along when riding? It is safe to say that you are simply bringing the fundamentals like diapers, beverages, and bites? Or on the other hand do you plan on going through the day outside and need more space for things like covers and baseball gear?

When looking, investigate where the capacity is found. At that point check how enormous the capacity compartment is. The measurements are generally accessible in the bike trailers depiction.

Most stockpiling compartments are in the back of the trailer. There’s likewise bin connections accessible for with certain trailers in supplant of its subsequent seat. So investigate the space, and locate a size best for your needs.

Subsequent to deciding your stockpiling size, next, investigate the suspension framework.

Suspension System

In the first place, do you at any point need suspension? Indeed, a great suspension framework can make for a comfortable ride for its travelers. In any case, the requirement for a suspension framework is regularly directed by the kind of surface you intend to ride on.

On the off chance that you plan on continually riding on smooth asphalt, at that point the suspension isn’t something to stress over. In the event that it’s a famous bike trailer, odds are there will be sufficient suspension to ride on asphalt without an issue. However, on the off chance that you intend to head out street, an excellent suspension framework will have a significant effect.

When picking a suspension framework, the trailer will either be movable or non-flexible. A non-flexible suspension framework functions admirably. Be that as it may, for included comfort, a flexible framework will be the best decision. Along these lines you can modify it relying upon the heaviness of the trailer and the surface you’re riding on.

Wheels, Brakes, & Handlebars

Last are a couple of subtleties you might need to consider: wheels, brakes, and handlebars.

Tire type will influence the smoothness of your ride. Most bike trailers come in either: 16″ and 20″. They additionally accompany metal or plastic edges. A 20″ air-filled tire with metal edges will be more steady and will last longer than say a 16″ tire with plastic edges. The plastic edges likewise ride more unpleasant and are inclined to twisting and splitting.

Next, both foot brakes (stand-still) and hand breaks (slow down) can be found on various trailers. Foot brakes lock the back wheels set up on all bike trailers. Hand brakes hinder the trailer and are just found on joggers and baby buggies. Obviously, brakes are an import some portion of the develop. When making a pit-stop while riding, you will need to secure the trailer. Furthermore, when running, an approach to back the trailer off is advantageous, particularly when exploring downhill while running.

At long last, handlebars are an interesting point when obtaining the baby buggy or jogger types. You may need a customizable handlebar. Some are straightforward two-level handlebars while the more costly styles acclimate to numerous sizes and furthermore swivel. The handlebars with various modifications regularly change easily though the double movable handles generally should be joined.

Attachment Type

Connections can be both fun and disappointing. They are fun in light of the fact that there are numerous connections accessible for various bike trailers. Some are baby buggy connections that convert into a kid buggy or jogger. There are infant seat connections for more youthful youngsters. Crate connections are utilized for additional capacity. Furthermore, a few trailers even have ski connections to get around in the day off.

Presently… connections can be disappointing likewise due to the fine print when making your buy. When you request your trailer, make certain to ensure the connection accompanies it. If not, add it to your buy. For instance, a 2-in-1 jogger trailer could be promoted with an image as a jogger. Be that as it may, it might require a connection bought independently to change over it. In this way, see what connection they offer and ensure it really accompanies the bike trailer before submitting your request.

Since you comprehend what you’re searching for how about we examine the last key factor… PRICE.

The Price

Last and absolutely not least… PRICE. Since you know it all to search for in a trailer, it’s an ideal opportunity to value them out. Normally, the more extravagances you include, the higher the cost. So we should discover your value point. The trailers on this rundown extend something to the tune of $70-$800. As should be obvious, there’s a trailer for each sort of spending plan.

In any case, it’s not generally as straightforward as deciding how you need to spend. For instance, as referenced prior, on the off chance that you purchase a trailer that is likewise a jogger than you’re setting aside cash. By acquiring a 2-in-1 you don’t have to buy both a jogger and a trailer in the event that you intend to run. Or on the other hand on the off chance that you purchase a two-seat trailer with a separable seat, when your most established beginnings riding individually, you can keep the trailer and now have additional capacity. This spares you from purchasing another trailer with more extra room sometime in the not too distant future.

Also, obviously, the better the quality, the more it will last. So discover a trailer that is best for you and best for your youngsters and… best for your financial limit.

Since you realize how to select a bike trailer, it’s time do only that, choose.

Rather than shopping through several distinct trailers in the market, we streamlined the procedure for you. The following are the 10 best bike trailers for kids in 2019. There are various sorts, at various costs, with the probably the best appraisals out there. So investigate, take your pick, and take your new trailer out for a turn with the family.

The 10 Best Bike Trailers for Kids in 2019 Reviewed

1. Burley Design Bee Bike Trailer – Best Choice for A Good Price Without Sacrificing Quality

The Burley Design Bee Bike Trailer is the perfect mixture of price, safety, and performance. Sure it’s not the cheapest in the market, but it’s built with excellent quality and at a reasonable price. What you will first notice about this trailer is its color. It’s big, it’s bright, and it’s YELLOW. As you can imagine, the color and reflective gear make it stand out. This makes the trailer safer when riding due to its visibility. Also, while on the subject of safety, this bike trailer comes with hammock style seats. So, instead of your kids riding on the floor, they strap into their own individual seat. There are two seats available in total. It also comes with tinted windows rated for UPF 30 to keep out rain and strong summer sun rays. The trailer is not just safe, but it’s convenient too. It comes with a spacious rear cargo area for storage. It’s users love it because it’s easy to setup and rides smooth.

2. Aosom Elite 360 Swivel 2-In-1 Double Child Two-Wheel Bicycle Cargo Trailer And Jogger With 2 Safety Harnesses Best Choice for Jogging After A Bike Ride

In case you’re searching for a bike trailer that is additionally a jogger accessible at an affordable value, at that point this is the trailer for you. Its a trailer, carriage, and jogger across the board. With every one of the three wheels, you can utilize it for a lackadaisical walk. Be that as it may, in the event that you lock the front swivel wheel, it transforms into a jogger. Or on the other hand you can totally evacuate the front haggle it as a bike trailer. I know, talk about getting the incentive for your cash. You’re fundamentally purchasing each of the three for a large portion of the cost of most bike trailers in the market. It likewise accompanies a full suspension framework giving a smooth ride to your kids. Furthermore, for you, the handles are flexible for a comfortable run. Inside has lounger seating and a five-point wellbeing outfit for additional security. It clients love this trailer for the worth they get at an affordable cost.

3. WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer – Best Choice for Your Children To Learn How To Ride A Bike

The WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer is novel contrasted with different trailers on this rundown. Rather than a carriage appended to the back of your bike, it’s another bike. This kind of trailer can fill two needs. One, you remain dynamic as a parent, and two, your kids can figure out how to ride a bike. They would now be able to become acclimated to the vibe of a bike and have the choice to pedal or drift. To the extent the develop, it’s solid with a metal casing. Attach is effortless as well. It basically joins with a fast discharge hook framework and is good with practically all grown-up bikes with a seat post. It even has handlebar cushions for assurance and you can modify them alongside the seat. It’s clients acclaim this trailer for how well it readies their youngster to figure out how to ride a bike.

4. Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer – Best Choice for Your Kids Comfort

This trailer isn’t only a trailer for cycling. What’s more, it’s not only a jogger for running. Also, it’s not only a kid buggy for strolling. This trailer additionally has a connection for skis! Truly, as in snow skis. It’s known as The Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer and on the off chance that you’re into multisport, at that point you and your family will appreciate this one. In addition to the fact that it is a 4-in-1 trailer, however the change between every movement is speedy and simple. In any case, recollect, great alternatives and accommodation includes some significant pitfalls. This trailer isn’t modest. It’s the most costly trailer on the rundown. So on the off chance that you choose to go with it, ensure you comprehend what you’re purchasing. The trailer comes in a single traveler or two. Likewise, the running and skiing units are sold independently however can be acquired as a bundle. A couple of additional eminent highlights are the manner by which the seat can be evacuated for simple cleaning. We as a whole ability talented our little ones are at making a wreck in their vehicle seat. All things considered, they improve work in their bike trailer. It likewise has flexible suspension, sufficient extra room, and it overlays up reduced to fit comfortably in your storage room or vehicle trunk. It’s clients love this trailer for how comfortable it is for their kids. Between the leaning back seats, flexible suspension, and cushioned seats, it resembles purchasing a top notch ticket for your kids when going by bike trailer.

5. Allen Sports Steel Bicycle Trailer – Best Choice for A Lightweight Ride

When you first experience the Allen Sports Bicycle Trailer you can’t resist the urge to see how lightweight it is. A light trailer makes riding somewhat simpler on yourself and your bike. We think a great deal of the highlights of a trailer yet at times forget about the mileage it puts on the bike itself. This bike trailer is comfortable as well. It accompanies two cushioned seats alongside a wellbeing bridle for its travelers. It works superbly at keeping the downpour out of the lodge moreover. That is on the grounds that the trailer accompanies a removable velcro downpour shield.


So if it’s a lovely day you have the choice to move up the external covers and hide them in the trailers back capacity compartment. The best part about this trailer, is you get these advantages at an affordable cost. So in case you’re stressed over how much use you will receive in return, or if this is your first trailer, it makes it a perfect purchase. Its clients state you get your cash’s value and the downpour shields work admirably at keeping your kids dry.

6. Clevr 3-In-1 Collapsible 2-Seater Trailer – Best Choice for Getting Your Money’s Worth

What stands apart the most about the Clevr 3-In-1 Collapsible 2-Seater Trailer is its aluminum outline. An aluminum edge makes for a lightweight, solid, and tough bike trailer. As the name infers, it is a 2-in-1 so it very well may be utilized as both a bike trailer and a jogger. This sets aside you the cash of purchasing both a trailer and a jogger. In addition you just have one bit of hardware rather than two. This makes you dynamic way of life somewhat less difficult. Other than its lightweight nature, it gives a comfortable ride through its ultra-smooth moving 20″ back wheels. This has a major effect when you keep running as it diminishes the vibration in your arms. It’s clients state the mix of cost and predominant edge makes it outstanding amongst other bike trailers available today.

7. InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer – Best Choice for Shopping On A Budget

In case you’re looking for a bike trailer on a spending limit and just need 1 seat, at that point you might need to try this one out. The InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer is worked for a biking guardian on a spending limit. It effectively connects to any grown-up bike through an easy to utilize hitch. It additionally move fast and simple by collapsing up with a snappy discharge activity. Once more, remember, there’s just one seat, so on the off chance that you need a trailer for two kids, at that point this isn’t the trailer for you. Be that as it may, a few clients have detailed section their little pooch into the trailer alongside their kid. Its clients state they cherish how you scarcely see that it’s associated with your bike when you ride. By and large, this bike trailer is an extraordinary affordable choice for one child (and a canine!).

8. Schwinn Echo Double Bike Trailer – Best Choice for A Smooth Ride

Schwinn is the most reputable company on this list. When you buy a Schwinn product, you know you’re buying quality. And that’s exactly what the Schwinn Echo Double Bike Trailer is, a trailer built for quality. The most noticeable difference between this trailer and others is the 20” air tires constructed with alloy rims. This provides an extra smooth ride for both your children and yourself. It also comes with large windows with both a big screen and a weather shield to allow a positive experience no matter the weather. It’s also bright yellow so you can’t miss it which makes it safe. It’s users praise it for how easy the setup is and how quick it connects to their bike.

9. Weehoo 2-Bike Trailer – Best Choice for Kids Feeling Apart Of The Bike Ride

The Weehoo 2 bike trailer is very different than different trailers as it is anything but a carriage type. There are two customizable seats inline. One seat in the front of the other. The front traveler can pedal while the back traveler kicks back and appreciates the ride. Be that as it may, here’s its most prominent advantage: in contrast to a carriage, this trailer is an open idea with pedals. So your kid turns out to be increasingly a piece of the biking knowledge. Likewise, when the most established kid climbs to riding a bike alone, the back seat can be expelled. Here is the place you can supplant the seat with a capacity bushel. That is extra to the capacity effectively accessible directly over the back wheel. The fact is you can utilize this bike trailer for an exceptionally significant time-frame. It’s clients love this trailer for its straightforward gathering and hookup and recognition the organization for its first rate client care.

10. Hamax Outback Multi-Sport Child Bike Trailer – Best Choice for A Safe Experience

Give me a chance to begin by remaining that this trailer has been a market head in youngster transporters in Europe for a long time. What’s more, shockingly better, they pay attention to wellbeing very. Indeed, it’s one of the more costly trailers, yet there’s a cost for good quality. The Hamax Outback Multi-Sport Child Bike Trailer is a bike trailer first, but on the other hand it’s a carriage and a jogger. This makes it perfect for a functioning family way of life. What’s more, as I said as of now, this trailer is protected. To begin, it is developed with a low focal point of gravity to forestall tipping. Additionally, its worked with an aluminum rollover edge intended for additional security. There’s additionally a 5-point wellbeing tackle to verify your kids much further. Also, there’s intelligent material and reflectors wherever on the trailer sparkling from all sides. It even shields from the sun through it’s UV windows. The outside spread likewise keeps out downpour, bugs, and wind. At that point include it the flexible suspension, and it transforms into to a definitive smooth and comfortable ride. Some may even go as far to consider it the extravagance vehicle of trailers. It’s clients acclaim this trailer for how smooth the ride is and how simple and advantageous it is to evacuate the front tire diverting it from a jogger to a trailer.


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How to Make a Kids’ Birthday Party on a Budget

Need to arrange your kid a wonderful party without burning up all available resources? We have you secured! Here are our best tips for adhering to a financial limit at your next slam.

1. Timing is everything. Plan your party from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., says Danielle Walker, creator of Against All Grain: Celebrations. After lunch and before supper is the best time to party, when visitors don’t anticipate a full dinner.

2. Stretch your arranging. Start supp


ly-chasing early; it’ll give you an opportunity to correlation shop. Also, you’ll spare yourself from running out at last to purchase overrated things you’ve overlooked. “I’m vigilant all year for party things that go on special, more often than not in the dollar canister at Target, Dollar Tree, or the 99-penny store,” says Helen Holden, creator of the blog Counting Candles.

3. Go computerized. In a Parent study


of about 1,500 guardians, 73 percent of you said you sent paper solicitations for your child’s last birthday party. Next time, send your visitors a free electronic welcome; you’ll spare what you’d ordinarily spend on paper welcomes.

4. Bend over. If your child’s birthday falls near a buddy’s, think about a double party. You and the other tyke’s folks will part the expense—and duties. Simply ensure each child gets her very own cake.

5. Stay away from party-store traps. Try not to pay a markup for party-store things that you could discover somewhere else for less. For instance, chocolates might be sold five for $1 (20 pennies each) at party shops, however, a pack of minis from a major box store can behalf to such an extent.

RELATED: Creative and Cool DIY Birthday Party Decorations

6. Tap your system. For diversion, consider your associations and network assets, recommend Steve and Annette Economides, of For instance, the couple once asked a companion who is a cop to come to one of their child’s gatherings in uniform; in like manner, their nearby school has bowling paths where rounds were not exactly a large portion of the cost of the business bowling alley.

7. Quit. At the point when kids are pretty much nothing, consider avoiding a conventional birthday party, by and large, proposes Simple Matters creator Erin Boyle. “My better half and I commended our girl’s first birthday with a cookout.”

8. Make themed favors. Attempt a customized specialty movement; it disposes of the requirement for enlisted diversion and replaces an exorbitant goody sack. “I type ‘clear’ or ‘DIY’ on party-supply locales, to perceive what comes up,” says Jodi Levine, of, who recommends you pick something identified with your topic—regardless of whether it’s plain tote sacks of white umbrellas.

plain party supplies


9. Request on the web. Costs aren’t in every case better on the off chance that you shop on the web, yet hitting the Web for your favors and enhancements may enable you to stay away from drive buys. Here are a couple of our preferred destinations for markdown party supplies:

10. Make a semi-natively constructed cake. Karen Tack, coauthor of Cake My Day!, proposes heating a cheap box blend, yet substituting buttermilk for the water for a firmer, less-sweet cake. At that point ice, the cake with a custom made the buttercream, consolidating milk, unsalted spread, vanilla, and confectioners’ sugar (many boxes of the sugar have the formula).

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11. Spruce up humble supplies. Use what you host close by to make plain get-together supplies feel unique, as they regularly cost half as much as adorned supplies. For instance, utilize an opening puncher to energize paper plates and napkins (punch gaps around the external edge of each plate and one corner of every napkin to make a structure) and cover and dab stickers to enrich plain expands. Purchase a couple of key things to set up the subject, similar to an extraordinary foil inflatable, and stick to moderate nuts and bolts for everything else.

12. Cost out the party places. Not in the mood for facilitating at your casa? It might be more cost-and time-viable to give a setting a chance to take every necessary step.

Download our free PDF that thinks about prominent party spots, for example, Build-a-Bear, Chuck E. Cheese’s, and The Little Gym.

13. Upcycle party favors. Abhor goody packs? Levine proposes grasping the stuff kids bring home. “I spare all the goody-sack treat that I’d preferably they didn’t eat and the toys that they disregard right away. At that point I use them for piñata filler at their very own gatherings,” she says. Reward: The piñata goes about as an action and its fillings as favors. Find piñatas for under $20 each at

14. Lift the ordinary. Exploit kids’ clear creative mind, recommend Steve and Annette Economides, who state one of their best party games was a fortune chase for “gold” (shower painted rocks) that the kids brought home as favors.

15. Streamline the swag sack. These knickknacks are typically sold in sets; split them for reasonable party supports that are route superior to anything your normal birthday goody pack:

the blended party supports on a financial limit


Brilliant Colored Wooden Yo-yos ($9 for 12)

Inflatable Helicopter Classroom Pack ($12 for 12)

Approach to Celebrate Punch Balloons, Multi-Color ($2 for four)

Bendable Stripe Pencil ($6 for 12)

Mr. Men 40th Anniversary Box Set ($26 for 10 books)

Winged animal Shaped Whistles ($6 for 12)

Titta Djur finger manikins ($5 for 10)

Flip-Top Crayon Keeper ($1 each) and Crayola Crayons ($8 for 96)

16. Grasp no-cost exercises. Rather than employed amusement, be set up with a couple of free exercises like these great games you can play for alongside nothing:

Stop Dance


A game of seat juggling

Hot Potato


Red Rover

Three-Legged Race

Duck, Duck, Goose

“Catch, catch, who has the catch?”

“Simon says”

17. Use your library. For a free movement, acquire books, recordings, and DVDs from the library that compare to your party’s subject. Storytime is a particularly decent approach to quiet preschoolers down after physically dynamic games.

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Tips for Choosing a Despicable Me Plush Toy

Most people when selecting a Despicable Me Minion Plush Toy will choose based on their favorite character. Additional factors contributing the selection will be size for some, packaging for others and of course, the price – factors are not necessarily in any particular order. In some instances what may seem like a great value up front will only lead to disappoint after the product is received.

Unfortunately, around the holidays, many are forced with choosing what’s available rather than having the benefit of both ample stocked selections and time to do some research as a smart step in checking out a product’s quality before buying.

In this article you will find some helpful tips for choosing a plush toy or any plush character from film favorites.

Here are some tips to consider when purchasing a Minion Toy that may help you in choosing one toy over another when appearances may seem the same — but on closer inspection, they’re not. (see comparison at page bottom)

Tips for Choosing a Despicable Me Plush Character

1)  Low price isn’t necessarily your best value. Quality is required to a certain degree by government standards. Did you know according to the CSPC that the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act enacted by US Congress in 2008 mandates that all toys designed or intended primarily for children 12 years of age and younger, MUST be third party tested and be certified with the issuance of a Children’s Product Certificate. This goes for both manufacturers AND importers of children’s products.

2)  Attention to detail, quality feel of the fabrics and construction can often tell you how long a toy will last, and whether it will stand up to washing and constant play. While this can’t be done when buying online, thank the consumers who have already purchased the product and have taken the time to leave a review. This is a great resource for actual user recommendations. While you’ll run across some who won’t be happy no matter what they buy — there should be enough reviews to give you an idea as to the quality of the product you are getting. If it’s a good product, people will just naturally want to talk about it.

3) Quality is a personal responsibility — after all this is a gift or purchase for a loved one, a child, relative, a friend or you. Don’t rely solely on government standards to do the job for you. What you give, including how well it is made, also sends a message to the recipient. Because plush toys can become life long friends for the recipient and usually received by someone on a special occasion, that’s all the more reason to ensure the recipient will have years of enjoyment and fond memories from the gift.

4) Any plush toys that indicate on their tags and labels that they meet CPSIA and ASTM Toy Safety Standards have been tested for these hazards and are appropriately age-graded. This should be considered when selecting a plush for someone younger than an age-appropriate rating.

5) It’s fairly easy with high definition images today to see what plush toys have sewn, heat-attached or glued on parts. Think about the wear of someone’s favourite plush over time and then what features displayed in product sales images may later prove to be a problem (like fabric quality). If the image offered on a specific retailers website does not offer enough detail, then do an image search for that product on Google, Yahoo or Bing — there will be other images available with the detail you need.

6) Just because it says “Officially Licensed” doesn’t mean it’s a quality product with quality construction. See the comparison of the same sized and priced Stuart Despicable Me Minion Plush Toy below. Notice in particular the differences in hair, the eye, overalls, hands and mouth.

Minion Stuart Plush Toy

For serious Despicable Me fans be sure to check our board game review. When you don’t need hugging by your favorite characters, then see what mini minion action figures can offer.

Return to Home Page.

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Cleaning the Play off Despicable Me Plush Toys

Some of the hottest toys this season are the Despicable Me plush toys that let you give a whole lotta love to some of your favourite movie characters.

It’s only natural to assume all the attention given to these huggable mischievous little rascals is going to result in sticky skin, worn clothing, matted fur, unintended spills, dust bunnies and a host of other more unpleasant invaders like dust mites.

Did you know that one of the biggest catalysts for attracting dirt and germs to a plush toy is the natural oil found on human skin?

The one thing you want to avoid is providing a safe haven for germs, bacteria and odors to collect.


Cleaning Stuffed Toys is Pretty Straight Forward

While Despicable Me stuffed toys are fairly easy to clean, there are series of steps and considerations we have detailed in the short video below.

You may be inclined to toss your plush or stuffed Despicable Me toy in the washer on a gentle cycle but a washing machine isn’t always the right answer. The manufacturer will provide a tag on the plush toy to let know if your toy is washable — much like you find with kitchen items labeled “dishwasher-safe”.

A washing machine can be pretty harsh on the seams that stitch or glue the toy together as well as soak or mat the stuffing inside. Unless specifically noted as “machine washable” you run the risk of not getting the same Despicable Me plush out of the washing machine as you put in it.

Tips for Drying Despicable Me Plush Toys

  1. When you get the cleaning part of your Despicable Me toys completed, they’ll need to be dried. While air drying is the best, sometimes those little fans want their plush toys right now.
  2. A heated dryer is certainly an option and dryer heat works to kill any dust mites that may have survived the washing.
  3. Because most plush toys have synthetic outer skins, fur and stuffing, too much heat will cause the synthetic to degrade — taking life off that “like new” appearance. Dryer heat, if too hot, can also melt the synthetic or any accessories made part of the plush toy.
  4. To ensure safer drying, in a heated dryer, trying wrapping any facial features likes eyes or hair or any special accessories with a handkerchief or cheese cloth to prevent damage in tumbling and exposure to excess heat.
  5. Your Despicable Me Plush may look like they’ve been blindfolded  or have a toothache but this will extend their usable lifecycle.
  6. Putting the plush in a dryer bag or pillowcase will also keep any residue off the plush should you throw in a dryer sheet for the extra fresh smell.
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5-Piece Despicable Me Bedding Set Full Size

Enjoy a room full of wide-eyed wonder with the explosion of Minions on this FULL size, 5-piece Despicable Me Bedding Set. This is from the Despicable Me licensed “Testing 123” collection.

The set includes one (1) FULL size reversing comforter, one (1) fitted bottom sheet, one (1) flat top sheet and two (2) reversing pillowcases. That rambunctious bunch of Minions Stuart, Dave, Jerry, Kevin and Tim look ready for mischief in brilliant colors and crisp details like they stepped right out of the Despicable Me movies.

The reversing comforter measures 72-inches wide by 86-inches long and is made from a 100 percent polyester microfiber shell and fill. Microfiber is extremely soft to the touch without having to wash it multiple times as you do with some cotton polyester blends. This fabric also resists runs, resists wrinkles and stains and will not “pill” like some other fabrics.

Find a brilliant bright blue industrial-looking background with Minions Jerry, Stuart, Dave and Kevin all jockeying for position on one side of the comforter face.

They are true to their Despicable Me characters in bright yellow wearing their metal goggles, denim-look blue overalls with Gru’s “G” emblem and wearing their small black gloves and boots.

The comforter reverses to a dark teal background with light blue detailing of riveted metal panels surrounded by accents of yellow, light red, black and light blue.

This 4-piece FULL size Despicable Me sheet set features a blue background on the fitted bottom sheet  which is a great contrast to the white background of the flat top sheet.

The background imaging on both sheets showcases the digital details, riveted metal paneling and a Test No. 56 one would expect to see in Gru’s lab along with Gru’s iconic “G” logo.

Enjoy the “selfie” of Minion Jerry on one side of the reversing pillowcases with the whole Minion clan pushing for front and center position on the other. Pillowcases will fit a standard bed pillow that measures 20-inches by 26-inches.

Facts about this Despicable Me Bedding

  • This is a 5-piece FULL size set of officially licensed Despicable Me bedding
  • It includes one comforter measuring 72-inches by 86-inches, one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases
  • The drape for this comforter on a FULL size bed measuring 54 inches wide will be 9-inches each side
  • Fabric is a 100% micro-fiber shell and 100% microfiber fill
  • The Despicable Me comforter is machine washable in cold water
  • Cold water washing will preserve the vibrant colors
  • The comforter can be tumble dried on a low setting
  • The variety of colors in this FULL bedding comforter set make it easy to add coordinating room accents
  • As officially licensed Despicable Me merchandise, this set is made outside the US and imported
  • Pillow shams and bed skirts are NOT included with this Minions comforter set
  • This is a lighter weight comforter and transitions well between seasons
  • The prices for this Despicable Me bedding set are determined by the supplier and not by this website
  • Prices will vary based on availability and popularity


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Despicable Me Minion Mischief Twin Comforter

Those crazy, playful Minions from the Despicable Me movies are ready to greet your little fan from this super-soft lighter weight TWIN bedding comforter.

This pile of popular Despicable Me characters — Minion Jerry, Minion Stuart, Minion Dave and Minion Kevin look like they’re ready for some serious mischief and may fall right off the comforter into the bedroom of any little fan.

In clear, crisp vivid detail, these little guys are showcased in their iconic banana yellow. Their bib overalls are the washed-look denim blue and their silver gray goggles accentuate some pretty curious eyes.

The Minions pop on a background of light to medium blues with printed numbers suggesting quite a few Minion mishaps.

The fabric shell and fiber fill on this TWIN Minion comforter is made from 100 percent polyester microfiber. The fabric is stain resistant, wrinkle resistant, shrink resistant and also resists the “pilling” that can happen with some fabric blends.

Facts about this TWIN Despicable Me Minion Comforter

  • The Minion TWIN comforter measures 62-inches by 90-inches and is reversible
  • For a standard twin sized bed at 39-inches wide the drape on this comforter would be 11-1/2 inches each side
  • This is licensed Universal Pictures Despicable Me merchandise and is made outside the US and imported
  • This Despicable Me comforter does not include any other pieces and is a stand alone product
  • It can be machine washed in cold water on a gentle cycle – this will minimize fading and will preserve comforter stitching
  • Comforter can be tumble dried on a low setting
  • This Despicable Me comforter is not treated for flame resistance
  • Polyester microfiber should not be exposed to high heat as it may cause fabric fibers to degrade and fiberfill to bunch
  • This Minion Twin comforter is light weight and transitions well between seasons
  • The range of colors in this comforter provide a great opportunity for adding coordinating room accents like lamp shades, rugs, bed skirts, pillow shams and sheets
  • The prices for this comforter are set by the supplier and not this website


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Mega Bloks Minions Station Wagon to Villain-Con

Minion Kevin and Stuart can get behind the wheel of the for their next adventure with this Minions Station Wagon building kit from Mega Bloks.

In the Minions movie, Kevin, Stuart and Bob are hitchhiking their way to Orlando, Florida for the super secret Villain-Con convention where they hope to find a new boss.

They are picked up along the way by the seemingly wholesome, all-American family, the Nelsons who just happen to be headed to Villain-Con themselves.

After the Nelson’s stop to rob a bank, the ensuing car chase by police results in Minion Kevin shooting off a blaster cannon to effect their escape from the law.

Minions Nelson Family Station Wagon

This Minions building set has all the pieces your little Despicable Me fan needs for the next Minion caper.

What’s Included in this Mega Bloks Minion Kit?

All the pieces, necessary for a road trip with a little larceny along the way, are included in this Station Wagon building blocks kit.

  1. You get a station wagon chassis with rolling wheels to effectively make your escape
  2. The roof rack holds a safe where your bag of loot is kept
  3. Gotta have a gas can in case you run out of fuel
  4. The steamer-style trunk with working lid keeps weapons and other assorted Minion accessories
  5. A working rooftop blaster cannon fires a projectile at your intended target with the push of a button
  6. Minion Kevin Minion StuartEnough building blocks are included to snap together and recreate the wood panel style station wagon, complete with yellow headlights, roof rails, windows, side view mirrors and fenders resembling that in the movie
  7. Minions Kevin and Stuart are included (approximately 1-1/2 inches in height) — one as the bag man and the other as the getaway driver

Important Ordering Information

  1. There are 188 total pieces in this Mega Bloks Minions building kit.
  2. Because there are small parts, this is recommended by the manufacturer for Ages 5 and older.
  3. This has been made outside the US and is imported.
  4. Minions Kevin and Stuart come with movable arms and feet and with removable goggles and overalls that can be mixed and matched with other Mega Bloks building sets.
  5. Many of these pieces are not interchangeable with LEGO.
  6. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not this review website. Pricing will vary based on supplier, availability and popularity.

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Jumbo Huggable Talking Minion Bob Toy

Short and bald are adorable on this large Minion Bob huggable talking toy. Little round Minion Bob is not so little in real life with this super soft, plush talking version. He is almost as round as he is tall measuring approximately 15-inches from head to toe and weighing in at just over 7-ounces.

Bob is loved for his childish nature when compared to the other Minions, making him the perfect “Little Brother” who manages to find love in just about anything and everything. He loves bedtime stories and playing with his favorite stuffed teddy bear he named Tim.

Talking Minion Bob Features

  1. This talking Minion Bob says and makes 20 different phrases and sounds — all in his original movie voice.
  2. His multi-colored green and brown eyes light up with the sound effects behind the gray goggles familiar to all the Minions.
  3. He comes with two different operating modes accessed through the Velcro panel in his back. The “Try Me” mode is more for in-store purposes where Bob is limited in the number of phrases he speaks. The “Play” mode lets Bob speak all the phrases he is programmed with.
  4. This Minion toy takes three (3) AA-Alkaline batteries that ARE included with purchase. However, these batteries are for the in-store “Try Me” purpose and may not be full strength. For best results, fresh batteries should be used.
  5. Minion Bob is super soft, very plush and huggable with no small parts.
  6. He has quality stitching to withstand extreme hugging and toting around by the smallest of fans.
  7. While Bob’s goggles are a softer plastic, they may be the only accessory that keeps fans from using him as a pillow.
  8. Talking Minion Bob has been made outside the US and is imported from China.
  9. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not our review website.

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Wee Minion Plush Toddler Yellow Throw Blanket

Wrap your little Minion in the sunny warmth of this featuring one of the Despicable Me Minions in an all too clever design from distributor “Ibeauti”.

This miniature blanket for toddlers measures about 27.5-inches wide by 32.5-inches long — just the right size for toting by small hands.

The clever design involves the blanket fold — just the right way and it turns into a soft huggable Minion and you have the option to select a one-eyed Minion with a furry goggle or a two-eyed Minion with a pair of embroidered goggles.

Both are adorable in their dark denim look bib overalls with the GRU logo emblazoned on the pocket. They are wearing the black gloves and boots so familiar in the Minions movies, merchandise and collectibles.

Minion Blanket Fabric and Care

  1. The “Coral Fleece” fabric is made from an insulated type of 100 percent polyester called polyethylene terephthalate (PET).
  2. Closely resembling “Minky” fleece, also called “Cuddle” fleece, “Coral Fleece” enjoys the simulated softness of mink with more of a fur like texture. It will shed more than the polar fleece in sweatshirts and jackets but is less prone to fading, will not “pill” like other fleece fabrics and leaves no irritation on sensitive skin.Minion Yellow Throw Blanket Tote
  3. This type of fleece, to maintain its ultra plush sunny appearance, does need special laundering.
  4. Yes, it is machine washable but only in cold water and on a gentle cycle. Because the fabric is naturally super soft, fabric softener should be avoided. Fabric softener will degrade the water resistance fleece fabrics enjoy.
  5. Low heat tumble drying or air drying is best. Hot water, high dryer heat and bleach should be avoided to preserve fabric fibers.

Minion Yellow Throw Blanket Facts

  1. This is not officially licensed Despicable Me merchandise. It has been made outside the US and is imported.
  2. The Minion is an applique that is sewn onto the blanket and is not removable.
  3. This material has not been treated for flame resistance.
  4. The edges of this yellow toddler throw blanket are bound to keep the fabric from stretching.
  5. The Minion blanket comes with its own washable tote bag for easy storage.
  6. It is recommended for toddlers due to its small size and there are no sharp edges or small pieces that would injure a child.
  7. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not this Despicable Me merchandise review site.

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Plush Adorable Play with Me Despicable Me Agnes

Adorable little Agnes from Despicable Me, who loves unicorns and candy, is available as a 10-inch super soft, plush doll for fans of the youngest of Gru and Lucy’s adopted daughters.

Her big brown eyes easily melt hearts and her spunky black hair, tied on top of her head with a bright red band is the picture of innocence and youth often gone too soon.

Little Agnes is main reason that Gru began to change is ways — her unconditional adoration made him realize what is really important in life.

Like other small wonders, she has a huge love of any kind of candy and all things “fluffy” like Gru’s dog “Kyle” and her obsession with unicorns.


  1. Agnes is featured with her washed blue denim look overalls with a front pocket and navy blue over-stitching at the seams. She is dressed in a yellow and tan striped T-shirt, white sneakers with light blue stripes and has on her iconic yellow socks.
  2. Her big brown eyes are expressive — eyebrows inquisitively raised. Her little button nose and pert smile with ever-so-slight pink cheeks provide a warm welcome to any who adopt her and hug her outstretched arms.
  3. AgnesDespicable Me Agnes measures just over 10-inches in height and weighs less than half a pound making her easy to tote for small hands.


  1. This Agnes doll is officially licensed Despicable Me merchandise that has been made outside the U.S. and is imported.
  2. Agnes has no small parts, does not need batteries and her clothing items are not removable.
  3. Her eyes, eyebrows and mouth are embroidered. The buttons on her denim-look bib overalls are soft fabric.
  4. Her hair and ponytail is a felt type material and not the typical hair you would find on a doll. Her hair is not suitable for combing or styling.
  5. This Agnes plush doll is made from a soft, polyester synthetic material. Machine washing little Agnes is not recommended, however, she is spot cleanable.
  6. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not this Despicable Me merchandise review site.
  7. Pricing will change based on availability and popularity.