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Minions Rule on Despicable Me Trouble Board Game

Minions love trouble so it is only natural that they show up in a Despicable Me edition of the classic called “Trouble”.
The whole point of the Trouble board game, regardless of edition, is for each player to move their pieces all around the board by rolling, or in this instance, popping dice. Players are assigned four games pieces of the same color and the object of the game is to be the player that moves all of his four pieces around to the “Home” space before any other player.

Instead of rolling the dice with your hands, they are placed in a “Pop-O-Matic” popper, that with the push of a domed lid, rolls the dice for you. This keeps the dice on the game board and out of your plants, furniture, carpet and the dog’s mouth.

In this Minions Despicable Me Trouble board game, the Minions must move around Gru’s conveyor belt and make it to the safe set of “Finish Steps”. Siren “Bob” (Bee-Do Minion Carl is on the box) whose image is on the dice, makes a player safe from getting sent home if he is rolled. If a subsequent player happens to roll “Siren Bob”, then the previous player is no longer safe.

What’s Included with the Minions Trouble Game?

Everything you need to start playing is included in the box. There is some minor assembly required and that consists of adding the Pop-O-Matic to the game board and placing the game pieces in their matching colored corners. Included is:

  • 1 – Despicable Me Trouble Game Board
  • 1 – Pop-O-Matic Dice Roller
  • 4 – Adhesive Foam Pads
  • 1 – Siren Bob Minion token
  • 16 – Minions Game Pieces – 4 each in 4 colors

Facts about this Despicable Me Game

  1. This game is recommended by the manufacturer for ages 5 and older because it contains small pieces that may pose a choking hazard.
  2. It is officially licensed Despicable Me merchandise that has been made outside the US and is imported.
  3. Those familiar with the original “Trouble” game will remember that the game board itself was plastic and provided a sturdy surface for popping the dice and moving game tokens. It should be noted that this Minions Edition Trouble game board is cardboard.
  4. This game is best played on a hard surface like a tabletop or a hardwood, vinyl or tile floor. This game is not well suited for playing on the couch, on top of a bed or on carpet because the cardboard base cannot support the deflection in softer materials.
  5. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not this Despicable Me review site.

Still, for the price, this is inexpensive entertainment guaranteed to keep a child engaged while providing a few benefits along the way, like taking turns, counting and enhanced memory through repetitive action.

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Match Pair Despicable Me Minions Memory Game

This 48 card, for kids is based on favorite characters from Universal Studios Despicable Me blockbuster films.

This memory card game features all your favorite Minions in some of their craziest outfits for a matching pairs game to keep the littlest of fans entertained.

There are cards that have single character images and cards that have characters in groups making the game fun and a little challenging for young players. With that challenge comes the byproduct of beneficial development…

Benefits of Memory Match Games

The ability to recognize and memorize things are an important life skill best learned early in life. These skills will not only enhance a child’s experience in school but also in social situations and daily activities.

Playing memory match games make building an awareness and establishing patterns of recognition fun — especially when disguising that training with something they relate to and enjoy like the characters in Despicable Me.

Your child can develop skills in:

  • Cognitive awareness
  • Recognition
  • Storing information
  • Organization

They are also engaged during game play, it holds their attention, it provides interaction with other players and they delight in the rewards of making a correct match.

Playing the Despicable Me Memory Match Game

This game is best played on a flat surface — either on a large table top or on the floor works best. This games includes a set of 48 cards, all with images of Universal Despicable Me characters. The OBJECT OF THE GAME is to be the player with the most matches after all the game pieces have been turned over.

Steps in Game Play

  1. All cards are shuffled and they placed face down on a hard, flat surface
  2. The youngest player generally starts first
  3. Each play will take a turn flipping 2 cards over at a time
  4. The cards that are turned over must be seen by all players
  5. A player makes a match when 2 turned cards are identical
  6. When a player makes a match, they keep the pair of cards next to them
  7. The SAME PLAYER who made the match get another turn until they DO NOT make a match
  8. Cards that DO NOT match are again turned face down and put back in the same place
  9. When all the pairs have been matched, the player with the most pairs wins

Facts about this Memory Game for Kids

  1. This is officially licensed Universal Studios Despicable Me merchandise that has been made for Hasbro outside the US and is imported.
  2. It is recommended for Ages 3 and older with no small parts and no assembly required.
  3. For younger players, this can be a single player experience using only half the cards until a younger child gets comfortable with making matches and they do not feel overwhelmed by the number of cards.
  4. This is inexpensive entertainment that will provide them valuable lessons disguised as fun.
  5. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not this review website. Pricing will change based on popularity and availability. Expect prices to rise with release of the next Minions movie.

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Despicable Me Minions The Game of Life Board Game

Minions have a life but not as you remember it in this for the younger fans of Gru’s little yellow henchmen.

In the traditional Game of Life, the intent is to mirror life events that people will go through such as going to college, raising a family, buying a home, working and retiring. Minions do not go to college, do not buy homes and do not raise families…Minions buy bananas!

The original game intent is to see who has the most assets at the end of the game, earned primarily by working and earning tokens with dollar amounts on them. This is done by spinning a wheel and landing on spaces that tell you to either move forward for back and interlaced with a handful of intersections where you choose your direction.

The Minions Game of Life is very different because the life of a Minion is very different. You play with a Minion mindset influenced by events in the Despicable Me movies and not with the mindset of a normal person going through real life.

The original Game of Life is recommended by the manufacturer for Ages 8 or 9 and older based on the version. The Despicable Me Game of Life is recommended by the manufacturer for Ages 5 and older. It is tailored to the younger Despicable Me fans but not too complicated to understand or enjoy.

About the Minions Game of Life

This game is based on the life of a Minion and the game events are based off events from the Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 movies.

You pick your Minion, select a Career Card such as Surf Instructor, Firefighter, Maid, Karate Instructor, or Undercover Spy and spin to move up to 6 spaces at a time on the game board.

Minion Movers

Changing your path on the game board is accomplished whenever you come to the location of a mini spinner on the board. You put your Minion Mover piece in it and spin it and that determines the direction you end up facing and is the way you continue.

You will land on spaces that require the player to choose an Action Card which might be Singing at Gru’s Wedding or Stealing the Moon or getting Captured by El Macho, drinking Too Much Anti-Gravity Serum or Change Careers — all as you try to collect Banana Bucks to pay for bunches of bananas while dodging the evil purple Minions.

What’s included with the game:

  • 1 – Set of Game Instructions
  • 5 – Mini Spinners
  • 4 – Minion Movers
  • 4 – Spin to Win Tokens
  • 50 – Action Cards
  • 10 – Career Cards
  • 18 – Bunches of Bananas
  • 50 – Banana Bucks

To play the game, you basically move around the game board with the goal of collecting 5 bunches of bananas — the first player to manage this is the winner.

Important Minions Game of Life Facts

  1. This is a fun game for kids but you will find many reviews from adults who seem to take issue that this edition is not exactly like the traditional version…it cannot be because Minions do not live like we do!
  2. This game is for younger Despicable Me Minion fans and recommended by the manufacturer for Ages 5 and older. This is not a version of The Game of Life that will hold the attention of older kids for any length of time but may be a good stepping stone for younger kids moving into the traditional game as they get older.
  3. The game is easy enough for a young child to enjoy and is suited for 2 to 4 players.
  4. This is officially licensed Universal Studios Despicable Me merchandise that has been made for Hasbro outside the US and is imported.
  5. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not this Minions review site.
  6. This game contains small parts and requires some minor assembly — at the location of the main spinner and 4 Minion mini spinners there are cardboard cutouts on the game board that need to be removed, providing slots for anchoring the plastic spinners.

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Despicable Me Minion Operation Board Game

This Minions Operation Game is just the tool for Fans of Universal Studio’s Despicable Me who will want to help Minion Stuart get well.

You see Stuart has come down with a few ailments — likely triggered by eating a few too many bananas.

Stuart is the lovable one-eyed short Minion with the impeccably combed hair who is the most sincere and innocent of all the Minions.

You can be the doctor and save Minion Stuart by using tweezers to carefully remove the Funatomy parts that are making him sick. His ailments include:

  • Nutty Noggin
  • Cupcake Cavity
  • Banana Belly
  • Unicorn Fluff
  • Paddle Pain
  • Jelly Joint
  • Trigger Finger
  • Toxic Tongue
  • Hammer toe
  • Boot Blister
  • Fart Gun

The trick, however, to curing Stuart is to not set off the buzzer when you are removing his ailments with the included tweezers. When you successfully remove a Funatomy part you win points. You can also win extra points with the four exclusive Minion Medics — they are Nurse Bob, Nurse Carl, Doctor Tim and Doctor Dave.

These Minion Medics are soft squishable plastic like the popular Squinkies toys.

Features and Facts about this Minion Operation Game

  1. This is officially licensed Universal Studios Despicable Me merchandise made by Hasbro — the makers of the original Operation game
  2. The Operation Board Game comes with a gameboard featuring Minion Stuart as the Patient, one (1) pair of tweezers, four (4) Minion Medics named above, eleven (11) plastic Funatomy parts on a twist-off card, one (1) game piece storage bag and Operation game instructions
  3. Because there are small pieces, this Despicable Me board game is recommended for ages 6 and older
  4. This game requires two (2) AA-alkaline batteries which are NOT included
  5. There are NO minion sounds when the game is played as Stuart’s parts are removed – just a “buzz” if you touch the metal side of the ailment opening with the tweezers
  6. Minion Operation does not have an on or off switch — batteries will need to be removed when not in play
  7. This Minion Board Game is good for developing memory and dexterity skills
  8. Since Stuart has no nose like Cavity Sam from the original Operation game, when the buzzer goes off the red light on a Minion heart monitor flashes — the heart monitor is complete with the Gru Minion logo
  9. Prices for the Despicable Me Minion Operation game are set by the supplier and not this website

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Minion Mayhem The Despicable Me Game

Can you ever have too many Minions? If you want to take your love of Minions from Despicable Me to the next level then checkout The Game: Minion Mayhem.

If you enjoy challenges, puzzles and missions in a game — how better to feed your inner game geek than with an army of talented Minions ready to rise to the test?

Some can defeat enemies while Minons can blast through walls, carry an electrical charge, walk on the ceiling or perform a number of other unique tasks to pave the way to the goal.

Despicable Me: The Game – Minion Mayhem gives you a refreshing, original experience based on elements from the movie rather than making an effort to follow the source material and fit it to a typical game framework.

The Game is based on Universal Pictures’ 3-D CGI movie — Despicable Me.

The object of the game is to get Minions to the goal. This is accomplished by clicking Minions to activate them with the intent of sending them on a straight path along each level.

Sound easy? It is until the run into a wall, run into another Minion and turn around. Getting them back on the straight path can be addicting.

Moving elevators, lowering ladders and extending bridges along the way add to the challenge.

This game is reminiscent of .

The game can be frustrating for some because your biggest opponent is time. Letting the clock run out before you plan is completed can through your game. Coordinating control everything and having to activate the correct minions and obstacles at the exactly correct times can become a maddening experience, especially when Gru adds his dastardly tricks to the last set of levels — just when you think you have it mastered!

Overall Despicable Me: The Game — plays well with great sound. This helps to mask what seems all-to-similar background images.

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem Game Features

  • The Game spans 30 different levels over 6 different worlds
  • Command an army of Minions from a touch screen
  • Explore familiar locations from the movie
  • Use cool gadgets through your journey
  • Try to overcome extreme obstacles using your Minions
  • Brain-bending puzzles, by the dozen are waiting to be solved
  • Collect enough trophies and become “Minion of the Month”
  • Enjoy charming graphics, cute sound effects and a good variety of very catchy cartoony tunes

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Value Priced Despicable Me 2 Monopoly Game

Hasbro has done it again with this affordable Despicable Me 2 Monopoly Edition complete with Banana Bucks and those lovable, mischievous Minions.

Put away your traditional Monopoly game board for this non-traditional, innovative design that caters to our favorite Despicable Me Minions.

This Despicable Me 2 Monopoly game is a simpler version of play than the traditional Monopoly game making it easy for young children to play — but not so easy that adults will get bored.

Fans of the Despicable Me films will find the provided game tokens pretty funny and they are unique to the game.

The box sides display 50 available game tokens that can be purchased (optional) for use when playing the game.

In this Despicable Me 2 Minions Game the traditional Monopoly dice have been replaced with a spinner (kids will love to spin) and the traditional square, flat Monopoly board has been replaced with a raised surface area for board play and a recessed area to accommodate the spinner.

Any game token provided with the game can be attached to the spinner. When the spinner is spun, wherever the extended arm of the game token is pointing is the number of spaces you move on the board.

The concept of buying and selling of properties is the same only houses and hotels have been replaced by cupcakes and ice cream sundaes. There are fewer properties on this board versus the traditional game.

In the bank are “Banana Bucks” in lieu of the traditional Monopoly money but what’s different here is there’s only a one dollar ($1.00) denomination. There are no $5, $10, $20, $100 and $500 bills as found in the traditional game. While counting Banana Bucks may be a little tedious for adults one dollar at a time — it’s a great feature for younger players learning to count.

What’s in the Minion Monopoly Box?

Everything you need to start playing Minion Monopoly is included with the game. There are four (4) Minion playing tokens that are made from soft, super-flexible vinyl so they’re easy to grip as you move around the board. You will also get…

  • Spinner Pod with Nom Nom Tom Minion (although you can replace him with any of the four other tokens)
  • Game Track
  • A Game Tray plus two clips
  • 16 Cupcake Tokens
  • 8 Ice-cream Sundae Tokens
  • 16 Minion Property Cards
  • 16 Chance Cards
  • Banana Bucks
  • Game Instructions

This game is a colorful, clever take on the Despicable Me movies. Play, because there are fewer properties, is not as long as a traditional Monopoly game. This is probably a plus for younger players with a shorter attention span.

Because the spinner works best on a level surface, the game board is better suited for a table or floor when playing in lieu of on a sofa or a bed.

Like any game with small parts, caution should be exercised if playing around very young children — especially with the colorful ice cream sundaes and cupcakes game pieces! The soft rubber-like characters are easy to wipe off should they come in contact with sticky fingers.

Overall, this is a fun family game for any fans of the Despicable Me movies and characters who also enjoy Monopoly.

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