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Plush Adorable Play with Me Despicable Me Agnes

Adorable little Agnes from Despicable Me, who loves unicorns and candy, is available as a 10-inch super soft, plush doll for fans of the youngest of Gru and Lucy’s adopted daughters.

Her big brown eyes easily melt hearts and her spunky black hair, tied on top of her head with a bright red band is the picture of innocence and youth often gone too soon.

Little Agnes is main reason that Gru began to change is ways — her unconditional adoration made him realize what is really important in life.

Like other small wonders, she has a huge love of any kind of candy and all things “fluffy” like Gru’s dog “Kyle” and her obsession with unicorns.


  1. Agnes is featured with her washed blue denim look overalls with a front pocket and navy blue over-stitching at the seams. She is dressed in a yellow and tan striped T-shirt, white sneakers with light blue stripes and has on her iconic yellow socks.
  2. Her big brown eyes are expressive — eyebrows inquisitively raised. Her little button nose and pert smile with ever-so-slight pink cheeks provide a warm welcome to any who adopt her and hug her outstretched arms.
  3. AgnesDespicable Me Agnes measures just over 10-inches in height and weighs less than half a pound making her easy to tote for small hands.


  1. This Agnes doll is officially licensed Despicable Me merchandise that has been made outside the U.S. and is imported.
  2. Agnes has no small parts, does not need batteries and her clothing items are not removable.
  3. Her eyes, eyebrows and mouth are embroidered. The buttons on her denim-look bib overalls are soft fabric.
  4. Her hair and ponytail is a felt type material and not the typical hair you would find on a doll. Her hair is not suitable for combing or styling.
  5. This Agnes plush doll is made from a soft, polyester synthetic material. Machine washing little Agnes is not recommended, however, she is spot cleanable.
  6. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not this Despicable Me merchandise review site.
  7. Pricing will change based on availability and popularity.

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Despicable Me Hug Me Plush Minion Bob with Teddy Bear

What rhymes with plush? How about blush and that is exactly what you can get , Tim to do when you squeeze their tummies on this Despicable Me plush toy.

Minion Bob (or King Bob), one of the three main characters in the latest Minions movie release, is the short, chubby little Minion with no hair but two very expressive eyes…one green and one brown. He lovingly totes a teddy bear named Tim who is a soft cuddly brown color and has two yellow button eyes.

Adorable Bob loves bedtime stories, playing with teddy bear Tim and is probably one of the more innocent and child-like of the Minions.

It is this child-like innocence that translates into some cute interaction with this new super soft, squeezable plush toy.

Plush Minion Bob Features

  1. Minion Bob Plush ToyThis Despicable Me plush toy measures about 10 inches in height and weighs approximately one pound, making him and teddy light enough for toting by small hands.
  2. He operates on 2-AA Alkaline batteries that enable him to sing, talk, interact with teddy bear Tim and blush. There are two small lights in Bob’s cheeks as well as teddy bear Tim’s cheeks that glow when they are hugged.
  3. Give Bob a hug or press his front pocket and he will sing. Teddy Bear Tim will respond to Bob’s singing with glowing cheeks.
  4. You can also press Tim’s tummy to see his cheeks light up when Bob is not singing or talking. Bob will talk and interact with his teddy bear buddy.
  5. Bob will respond to you when you hug him or shake him. When you squeeze his left hand he will talk, hum or laugh in his original movie voice.

Minion Bob with Teddy Bear Facts

  1. This is officially licensed Universal Studios Minions movie merchandise that has been made outside the US and has been imported.
  2. Bob and teddy have no sharp edges and Bob’s plastic goggles are soft — this pair is recommended for Ages 4 and older.
  3. Teddy Bear Tim is sewn onto Bob’s right hand so you do not need to worry about teddy bear Tim getting lost.
  4. There is a Velcro closure on the back of Bob that opens to reveal the concealed battery compartment. The two required AA-Alkaline batteries can be accessed with a Philips head screwdriver.
  5. Batteries are included HOWEVER, these batteries are for in-store “Try Me” purposes and are NOT full strength. For best results and to have full functioning features, fresh batteries should be installed.
  6. Because Bob and teddy have small lights in their cheeks and because there is an installed battery compartment, Bob is not machine washable — he is spot clean only!
  7. Pricing for Despicable Me Bob with teddy bear has been determined by the supplier and not this review website. Pricing will change based on popularity and availability.

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Despicable Me Stuffed Fluffy Unicorn Plush Pet

Get ready to wrap your arms around this fluffy Despicable Me Unicorn plush toy that talks and sings to a surprise magical light show in its unassuming golden horn. What else would you expect from a unicorn than magic?

Anyone crazy about a stuffed unicorn will love this large, soft and huggable character from the Despicable Me film franchise. Little fans will delight in the lullaby that sings them to sleep and the horn glows and then dims while promoting a fantasy-filled slumber.

The pictures do not do this fluffy unicorn justice as its 14.8 x 12.4 x 8.1 measurements are surprising large when this plush toy is opened.

Features of the Despicable Me Fluffy Unicorn Plush Toy

Not like any other stuffed animals, it’s well worth the price to see a little one delighted with the clear, crisp voice, magical chimes, trotting sounds and the fluffy Unicorn’s song!

  • This is a Despicable Me licensed product made outside the US and imported
  • It is recommended by the manufacturer for ages 4 and older
  • This Talking Unicorn goes into action when you press the front hoof for the unicorn’s voice or magical chimes — the horn will light up and begin flashing with changing colors.
  • For bedtime, press the unicorn’s front hoof twice and this fluffy unicorn goes into the Lullaby Mode. The horn will glow and slowly fade as the lullaby lulls you to sleep.
  • Because this stuffed unicorn is so soft, lovable and in a huggable size, it’s the perfect snuggle buddy for a little fan
  • The Despicable Me Agnes’ Talking Unicorn says phrases like, “I’m so fluffy”. It also makes galloping sounds in addition to other sound effects, movie phrases while the horn twinkles.
  • This plush unicorn operates on 3-AA Alkaline batteries.
  • It is not recommended that rechargeable batteries be used in place of alkaline batteries as this may cause features of the unicorn to not operate correctly.
  • There are batteries included with the purchase of this toy but these are “SHORT LIFE” demonstration batteries for the purpose of buyers being able to test this toy in a store.
  • This toy will need 3-AAA fresh, new alkaline batteries (not included) when purchased.
  • We found some consumer reviews that mentioned the unicorn’s horn was not rainbow striped as in images found online.
  • The thing to note is that the “rainbow” colored horn as pictured is to indicate what the horn colors will turn to when the hoof is pressed. The actual horn color when not in play mode is gold.
  • This Despicable Me Unicorn Stuffed Plush Talking Unicorn arrives well packaged to preserve the condition of its white fur — which is sure to show signs of play with use.
  • Unicorn can be spot cleaned, if needed
  • Prices for this Despicable Me merchandise is set by the supplier and not this website.

See our post on how to clean your Despicable Me plush toy for tips on maintaining its “like new” appearance.

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Despicable Me 2 Plush Agnes Bedtime Doll

The youngest adopted daughter of Gru and Lucy from the fan favorite film Despicable Me is Agnes voiced by Elsie Fisher. Now Agnes is available, straight from the movie in a  .

Plush Agnes is fun to cuddle, comes dressed for sleep time in a teddy bear sprinkled night shirt complete with light up polar bear slippers.

 features the same warm, inquisitive brown eyes and jet black hair tied on top of her head in a red banded ponytail as you see in the films.

The surprise is in the 20 plus sayings from the Despicable Me movies that sound as authentic as the actual Agnes character.

You will remember memorable Agnes Despicable Me quotes like “He’s so fluffy” when referring to the unicorn she received from Super Silly Fun Land and “Pretty please”, also “Pinkie promise?” and “I’m so happy” — some but not all of which bedtime Agnes says.

She is the perfect companion for travel, for sleep time, for recreating favorites scenes from the movies and for Despicable Me Agnes collectors.

Facts about the Plush Bedtime Agnes Despicable Me Doll

  • Bedtime Agnes measures 11-inches in height with a head size of about 5-inches wide
  • The original movie voice of Elsie Fisher can be heard when Despicable Me Agnes talks
  • She has 20 popular sayings from Universal Pictures Despicable Me movies
  • To make Agnes talk, you just press the chest button under her night shirt
  • Her slippers will also flash and light up when the button is pressed
  • 2-AAA alkaline batteries are included, however, these batteries are for the “Try Me” packaging on store shelves
  • The included batteries DO NOT have full charge so 2 NEW AAA batteries should be purchased BEFORE use
  • Because the head of Agnes is wider than her body she is top heavy and will not stand on her own
  • The hair on Bedtime Agnes is a felt type material and not the typical hair you would find on a doll. As such, it is not suitable for combing or styling
  • The only assembly required for Agnes is installation of the batteries
  • She weighs just under 1 pound
  • This is officially licensed Despicable Me merchandise
  • Bedtime Anges is made and distributed by Thinkway Toys
  • She is recommended by the manufacturer for ages 4 and older due to small parts
  • Fans of Anges can also find a talking 11-inch INTERACTIVE version with over 30 sayings 
    • 3 ways to play with  :
      – Press Agnes’ t-shirt for voice and facial expression with moving head, eyes and mouth
      – Talk Back Feature – Talk to her and she will respond back to you — she even recognizes a raised voice
      – Quickly press her t-shirt twice and Agnes will sing a Unicorn song

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Kyle Despicable Me 15-inch Plush Watch Dog

Kyle from Despicable Me is that ferocious, misunderstood pet dog of Gru but this 15-inch Despicable Me Kyle plush toy, is just as cute as Agnes thought him to be in the movies. He looks mean, vicious, adorable and lovable all rolled into one.

Stepping right from the film franchise, this plush Kyle the dog displays the same ill-mannered expression as he did when Gru tried to retrieve his breakfast muffin.

Originally projected to be a vicious, aggressive and monstrous creature that even Gru had trouble controlling, Despicable Me Kyle actually transformed into a loyal lovable companion for Agnes.

Any Kyle fan will enjoy having this fairly sizable plush toy as a reminder of this scary looking but not-so-intimidating little creature who just needs a little love.

While this one won’t bite your leg, it is hard not to feel an attachment for this fluffy dog with the crazy eyes, a bad underbite, chronic bed hair and crooked razor-sharp looking teeth — the face only a mother could love!

Facts about Plush Kyle the Dog from Despicable Me

  • Despicable Me Kyle measures 15-inches from his toes to the tips of his ears
  • He is made from man-made synthetic fibers designed to look like fur
  • His seams are tightly stitched and his fill material is firmly packed to withstand some serious play
  • Kyle the dog does not require any batteries or assembly
  • Despicable Me Kyle does not make any sounds
  • He is not machine washable but can be spot cleaned
  • Kyle is not self supporting meaning he is a little top heavy
  • This is officially licensed Universal Studios Despicable Me merchandise
  • He is made in China and imported
  • Prices for Plush Kyle are set by the supplier and not this website
  • He has been deeply discounted in price from his original issue

Kyle the Dog Meets Agnes, Edith and Margo

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Plush 16-inch Talking Minion Stuart Despicable Me

This 16-inch talking one-eyed short little impeccably groomed Minion Stuart from the Universal’s “Despicable Me” film franchise is pure delight and plenty of laughs.

From his combed hair to his clean, well stitched overalls, black gloves to his clear, sharp eagle eye — this little Minion is ready for business.

Any fans of the film franchise will enjoy Stuart’s authentic voice when he spouts about 10 recognizable sayings from the movie — from his “Awwwwww” sounds to his infectious giggle to his “Go to Sleep” lullaby version, he is sure to have you laughing. His voice is clear, easily understandable but not too loud to be annoying from some.

His 16-inch size is just the right size to make him huggable and a great bed buddy for young fans without being too big or heavy to tote around.

He is well made with tight seams, vibrant colors, durable fabrics and materials with safety considerations built-in. The battery pack that makes Stuart come to life is concealed inside plush fill material accessible through Velcro tape on the back of his overalls. Batteries are accessible in the battery pack only with a screwdriver.

The gray goggle around Stuart’s big brown eye is a soft plastic rather than hard to prevent injury from any inadvertent “head bumps”.

Talking Minion Stuart’s eye lights up when he talks or sings by simply pressing his hand. There are 3 different switched modes “Try Me”, “Play” and “Off” with the switch for each located on the battery pack.

Fact for Parents about Despicable Me Talking Minion Stuart

  • This is licensed Despicable Me merchandise made outside the US and imported
  • 3-AA alkaline batteries included for “Try Me” purposes. These should be replaced with fresh, full charge AA-alkaline batteries (not included) so all features work properly
  • Stuart talks in his original Despicable Me movie voice with 10 sayings
  • Minion Stuart’s hair is a durable woven nylon cord
  • His skin is banana colored super soft man-made synthetic plush material and his overalls are a washed denim-look fabric
  • Stuart’s overalls are closed in back with a Velcro tape that provides easy access to the battery pack that holds the 3 easily replaceable AA batteries
  • This not so little Minion has 3 different modes — “Try Me”, “Play” and “Off”
  • The “Try Me” mode for in-store retailers does not play full length sounds like the “Play” Mode does
  • Stuart is recommended by the manufacturer for ages 3 and older
  • This little Talking Minion is not machine washable but is spot cleanable
  • Prices for 16-inch Talking Stuart are set by the supplier and not this website

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Despicable Me Evil Plush Purple Talking Minion

Even the evil purple Minions need love too! This Despicable Me 10-inch talking Purple Minion may look his evil part  but he is actually soft, huggable and just the right size for carrying around.

The evil purple Minions are those lovable yellow Minions that have been mutated by a shot of the dreaded PX-41 serum injected by Dr. Nefario.

The serum injections makes them become indestructible eating machines in the film franchise but this plush purple minion, while true to his film appearance, is just plain lovable.

Any fan of Despicable Me will delight in this Evil Minion’s purple skin, long hairy arms, wild frizzy purple, and big sharp crooked teeth. Press his foot and in an authentic sounding movie voice, this little Purple Minion will make 15 different sounds. While some like “Okay, Okay” and “Banana” are easily understood, most are growls, grunts and groans that are sure to generate a few laughs.

Facts about this Plush Talking Evil Purple Minion

  • Evil Minion measures about 10-inches in height
  • This is licensed Despicable Me merchandise that is made outside the US and imported
  • Press the left foot for an original movie voice and a multi-color glowing eye that lights up when he talks
  • There are 15 phrases from the Despicable Me film franchise although many are growls, grunts and groans
  • He uses two (2) AA-alkaline batteries — batteries are included HOWEVER, these are for the “Try Me” packaging and not full strength
  • NEW batteries should be purchased so all features work properly
  • Batteries are located in a battery pack housed within the plush fill of the Evil Minion and accessible through a Velcro strip on his back
  • The battery pack can be opened with a screwdriver
  • This little Purple Minion is not machine washable but he is spot cleanable
  • His purple skin and hair is a super soft man-made synthetic fiber made to look like fur
  • The plastic goggle surrounding this talking Evil Minion is a soft plastic rather than hard
  • His eye lights up and changes colors with the phrases he says
  • There is a “Try Me” mode, a “Play Mode” and an “Off” Mode accessible through the battery pack
  • The “Try Me” mode plays fewer and shorter phrases than the “Play Mode”
  • Prices for this Despicable Me Talking Evil Purple Minion are set by the supplier and not this website