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Mega Bloks Minions Station Wagon to Villain-Con

Minion Kevin and Stuart can get behind the wheel of the for their next adventure with this Minions Station Wagon building kit from Mega Bloks.

In the Minions movie, Kevin, Stuart and Bob are hitchhiking their way to Orlando, Florida for the super secret Villain-Con convention where they hope to find a new boss.

They are picked up along the way by the seemingly wholesome, all-American family, the Nelsons who just happen to be headed to Villain-Con themselves.

After the Nelson’s stop to rob a bank, the ensuing car chase by police results in Minion Kevin shooting off a blaster cannon to effect their escape from the law.

Minions Nelson Family Station Wagon

This Minions building set has all the pieces your little Despicable Me fan needs for the next Minion caper.

What’s Included in this Mega Bloks Minion Kit?

All the pieces, necessary for a road trip with a little larceny along the way, are included in this Station Wagon building blocks kit.

  1. You get a station wagon chassis with rolling wheels to effectively make your escape
  2. The roof rack holds a safe where your bag of loot is kept
  3. Gotta have a gas can in case you run out of fuel
  4. The steamer-style trunk with working lid keeps weapons and other assorted Minion accessories
  5. A working rooftop blaster cannon fires a projectile at your intended target with the push of a button
  6. Minion Kevin Minion StuartEnough building blocks are included to snap together and recreate the wood panel style station wagon, complete with yellow headlights, roof rails, windows, side view mirrors and fenders resembling that in the movie
  7. Minions Kevin and Stuart are included (approximately 1-1/2 inches in height) — one as the bag man and the other as the getaway driver

Important Ordering Information

  1. There are 188 total pieces in this Mega Bloks Minions building kit.
  2. Because there are small parts, this is recommended by the manufacturer for Ages 5 and older.
  3. This has been made outside the US and is imported.
  4. Minions Kevin and Stuart come with movable arms and feet and with removable goggles and overalls that can be mixed and matched with other Mega Bloks building sets.
  5. Many of these pieces are not interchangeable with LEGO.
  6. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not this review website. Pricing will vary based on supplier, availability and popularity.