Cleaning the Play off Despicable Me Plush Toys

Some of the hottest toys this season are the Despicable Me plush toys that let you give a whole lotta love to some of your favorite movie characters.

It’s only natural to assume all the attention given to these huggable mischievous little rascals is going to result in sticky skin, worn clothing, matted fur, unintended spills, dust bunnies and a host of other more unpleasant invaders like dust mites.

Did you know that one of the biggest catalysts for attracting dirt and germs to a plush toy is the natural oil found on human skin?

The one thing you want to avoid is providing a safe haven for germs, bacteria and odors to collect.

Cleaning Stuffed Toys is Pretty Straight Forward

While Despicable Me stuffed toys are fairly easy to clean, there are series of steps and considerations we have detailed in the short video below.

You may be inclined to toss your plush or stuffed Despicable Me toy in the washer on a gentle cycle but a washing machine isn’t always the right answer. The manufacturer will provide a tag on the plush toy to let know if your toy is washable — much like you find with kitchen items labeled “dishwasher-safe”.

A washing machine can be pretty harsh on the seams that stitch or glue the toy together as well as soak or mat the stuffing inside. Unless specifically noted as “machine washable” you run the risk of not getting the same Despicable Me plush out of the washing machine as you put in it.

Tips for Drying Despicable Me Plush Toys

  1. When you get the cleaning part of your Despicable Me toys completed, they’ll need to be dried. While air drying is the best, sometimes those little fans want their plush toys right now.
  2. A heated dryer is certainly an option and dryer heat works to kill any dust mites that may have survived the washing.
  3. Because most plush toys have synthetic outer skins, fur and stuffing, too much heat will cause the synthetic to degrade — taking life off that “like new” appearance. Dryer heat, if too hot, can also melt the synthetic or any accessories made part of the plush toy.
  4. To ensure safer drying, in a heated dryer, trying wrapping any facial features likes eyes or hair or any special accessories with a handkerchief or cheese cloth to prevent damage in tumbling and exposure to excess heat.
  5. Your Despicable Me Plush may look like they’ve been blindfolded  or have a toothache but this will extend their usable lifecycle.
  6. Putting the plush in a dryer bag or pillowcase will also keep any residue off the plush should you throw in a dryer sheet for the extra fresh smell.
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