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Minion Mayhem The Despicable Me Game

Can you ever have too many Minions? If you want to take your love of Minions from Despicable Me to the next level then checkout The Game: Minion Mayhem.

If you enjoy challenges, puzzles and missions in a game — how better to feed your inner game geek than with an army of talented Minions ready to rise to the test?

Some can defeat enemies while Minons can blast through walls, carry an electrical charge, walk on the ceiling or perform a number of other unique tasks to pave the way to the goal.

Despicable Me: The Game – Minion Mayhem gives you a refreshing, original experience based on elements from the movie rather than making an effort to follow the source material and fit it to a typical game framework.

The Game is based on Universal Pictures’ 3-D CGI movie — Despicable Me.

The object of the game is to get Minions to the goal. This is accomplished by clicking Minions to activate them with the intent of sending them on a straight path along each level.

Sound easy? It is until the run into a wall, run into another Minion and turn around. Getting them back on the straight path can be addicting.

Moving elevators, lowering ladders and extending bridges along the way add to the challenge.

This game is reminiscent of .

The game can be frustrating for some because your biggest opponent is time. Letting the clock run out before you plan is completed can through your game. Coordinating control everything and having to activate the correct minions and obstacles at the exactly correct times can become a maddening experience, especially when Gru adds his dastardly tricks to the last set of levels — just when you think you have it mastered!

Overall Despicable Me: The Game — plays well with great sound. This helps to mask what seems all-to-similar background images.

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem Game Features

  • The Game spans 30 different levels over 6 different worlds
  • Command an army of Minions from a touch screen
  • Explore familiar locations from the movie
  • Use cool gadgets through your journey
  • Try to overcome extreme obstacles using your Minions
  • Brain-bending puzzles, by the dozen are waiting to be solved
  • Collect enough trophies and become “Minion of the Month”
  • Enjoy charming graphics, cute sound effects and a good variety of very catchy cartoony tunes

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