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Despicable Me Evil Plush Purple Talking Minion

Even the evil purple Minions need love too! This Despicable Me 10-inch talking Purple Minion may look his evil part  but he is actually soft, huggable and just the right size for carrying around.

The evil purple Minions are those lovable yellow Minions that have been mutated by a shot of the dreaded PX-41 serum injected by Dr. Nefario.

The serum injections makes them become indestructible eating machines in the film franchise but this plush purple minion, while true to his film appearance, is just plain lovable.

Any fan of Despicable Me will delight in this Evil Minion’s purple skin, long hairy arms, wild frizzy purple, and big sharp crooked teeth. Press his foot and in an authentic sounding movie voice, this little Purple Minion will make 15 different sounds. While some like “Okay, Okay” and “Banana” are easily understood, most are growls, grunts and groans that are sure to generate a few laughs.

Facts about this Plush Talking Evil Purple Minion

  • Evil Minion measures about 10-inches in height
  • This is licensed Despicable Me merchandise that is made outside the US and imported
  • Press the left foot for an original movie voice and a multi-color glowing eye that lights up when he talks
  • There are 15 phrases from the Despicable Me film franchise although many are growls, grunts and groans
  • He uses two (2) AA-alkaline batteries — batteries are included HOWEVER, these are for the “Try Me” packaging and not full strength
  • NEW batteries should be purchased so all features work properly
  • Batteries are located in a battery pack housed within the plush fill of the Evil Minion and accessible through a Velcro strip on his back
  • The battery pack can be opened with a screwdriver
  • This little Purple Minion is not machine washable but he is spot cleanable
  • His purple skin and hair is a super soft man-made synthetic fiber made to look like fur
  • The plastic goggle surrounding this talking Evil Minion is a soft plastic rather than hard
  • His eye lights up and changes colors with the phrases he says
  • There is a “Try Me” mode, a “Play Mode” and an “Off” Mode accessible through the battery pack
  • The “Try Me” mode plays fewer and shorter phrases than the “Play Mode”
  • Prices for this Despicable Me Talking Evil Purple Minion are set by the supplier and not this website

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