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Despicable Me Stuffed Fluffy Unicorn Plush Pet

Get ready to wrap your arms around this fluffy Despicable Me Unicorn plush toy that talks and sings to a surprise magical light show in its unassuming golden horn. What else would you expect from a unicorn than magic?

Anyone crazy about a stuffed unicorn will love this large, soft and huggable character from the Despicable Me film franchise. Little fans will delight in the lullaby that sings them to sleep and the horn glows and then dims while promoting a fantasy-filled slumber.

The pictures do not do this fluffy unicorn justice as its 14.8 x 12.4 x 8.1 measurements are surprising large when this plush toy is opened.

Features of the Despicable Me Fluffy Unicorn Plush Toy

Not like any other stuffed animals, it’s well worth the price to see a little one delighted with the clear, crisp voice, magical chimes, trotting sounds and the fluffy Unicorn’s song!

  • This is a Despicable Me licensed product made outside the US and imported
  • It is recommended by the manufacturer for ages 4 and older
  • This Talking Unicorn goes into action when you press the front hoof for the unicorn’s voice or magical chimes — the horn will light up and begin flashing with changing colors.
  • For bedtime, press the unicorn’s front hoof twice and this fluffy unicorn goes into the Lullaby Mode. The horn will glow and slowly fade as the lullaby lulls you to sleep.
  • Because this stuffed unicorn is so soft, lovable and in a huggable size, it’s the perfect snuggle buddy for a little fan
  • The Despicable Me Agnes’ Talking Unicorn says phrases like, “I’m so fluffy”. It also makes galloping sounds in addition to other sound effects, movie phrases while the horn twinkles.
  • This plush unicorn operates on 3-AA Alkaline batteries.
  • It is not recommended that rechargeable batteries be used in place of alkaline batteries as this may cause features of the unicorn to not operate correctly.
  • There are batteries included with the purchase of this toy but these are “SHORT LIFE” demonstration batteries for the purpose of buyers being able to test this toy in a store.
  • This toy will need 3-AAA fresh, new alkaline batteries (not included) when purchased.
  • We found some consumer reviews that mentioned the unicorn’s horn was not rainbow striped as in images found online.
  • The thing to note is that the “rainbow” colored horn as pictured is to indicate what the horn colors will turn to when the hoof is pressed. The actual horn color when not in play mode is gold.
  • This Despicable Me Unicorn Stuffed Plush Talking Unicorn arrives well packaged to preserve the condition of its white fur — which is sure to show signs of play with use.
  • Unicorn can be spot cleaned, if needed
  • Prices for this Despicable Me merchandise is set by the supplier and not this website.

See our post on how to clean your Despicable Me plush toy for tips on maintaining its “like new” appearance.

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