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Despicable Me Singing Minion Tim Toy Review

You can’t go wrong adding a Minion Tim toy to your Despicable Me favorite character collection with the Despicable Me 2 Minion Tim The Singing Action Figure.

The “Tim” character in the Despicable Me films isn’t afraid to show his personality and that even means displaying a little bit of a temper. Tim is the brown two-eyed Minion who is the tallest of the Minion henchmen.

With his sprout-like hair cut he often disguises himself as a policeman in the Despicable Me 2 YMCA but is often seen disguised as a “dad” wearing whiskers and a necktie.

Tim loves playing boss and was the self-appointed “leader” when sent with Phil and Mark by Gru to get a unicorn for Agnes.

Because Tim hates losing AND being laughed at, his singing makes him all that more endearing by helping to round out his many faceted personality traits.

Those Lovable Minion Tim Toy Features

Because Tim is the tallest of Gru’s Minions, the singing Tim Minion Toy is taller (about 10″ PLUS hair) than the Talking Dave (about 8″) or the Laughing Stuart Descpicable Me 2 Action figures.

To get Tim started, like the other Minion action figures, you simply push the pocket in the front of his overalls. He has 25 sayings and sounds that are unique to this Tim Minion toy and are not sounds you will hear from any other Minions you may own. Moving Tim’s head from side to side and from front to back initiates even move dialogue that will get just about anyone laughing.

Belting out 3 tunes from the Despicable Me movies, Tim’s arms and shoulders are easily positioned to accentuate the hilarity as he sings. To initiate Tim’s singing voice you will need to move his head in ONE DIRECTION a total of 6 times and he will take it from there. When you’re ready for a change from his tunes, just press his pocket and he will return to his favorite sayings.

His short little legs and movable feet provide a stable platform to support his body and elongated head.

While Minion Tim, like the other action figures comes with 2-AA batteries, these are for demonstration purposes only. Because the packaging for the Despicable Me action figures has “Try Me” holes, the included batteries serve a “short life” function for testing the toys before buying.

For the best use of Singing Minion Tim, fresh AA-Alkaline batteries, NOT rechargeable, work the best and are recommended by the product manufacturer.

Benefits of Singing Minion Tim Action Figure

  • He makes you laugh and you don’t need to be a Despicable Me fan to crack a smile!
  • His body is a soft rubberized material that makes for easy handling and easier cleanup
  • The audio sounds are clear and crisp
  • Tim is licensed Despicable Me merchandise
  • His 25 sayings, gibberish and sounds are unique to Tim and no other character
  • He’s a tall Minion with a little bit of attitude which is why movie fans love his personality
  • This toy is an authentic-looking reproduction of the movie character with the same voice
  • Battery life seems to last as long as manufacturer’s recommendations are followed

What to Watch for with Minion Tim

  • When Tim goes into song mode, the songs are not very long — this may be a benefit for some…
  • If Tim is moved in the middle of his talking or singing modes he will stop mid-word or mid-song
  • With extended play, expect wear — Tim’s overalls and other painted parts will show notice of wear
  • Tim will go to sleep if not played with — this doesn’t mean the battery is dead…just wake him up!
  • Singing Minion Tim is recommended by the manufacturer for ages 16 and older
  • This Disney merchandise is made in China and imported to the US

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