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Plush Adorable Play with Me Despicable Me Agnes

Adorable little Agnes from Despicable Me, who loves unicorns and candy, is available as a 10-inch super soft, plush doll for fans of the youngest of Gru and Lucy’s adopted daughters.

Her big brown eyes easily melt hearts and her spunky black hair, tied on top of her head with a bright red band is the picture of innocence and youth often gone too soon.

Little Agnes is main reason that Gru began to change is ways — her unconditional adoration made him realize what is really important in life.

Like other small wonders, she has a huge love of any kind of candy and all things “fluffy” like Gru’s dog “Kyle” and her obsession with unicorns.


  1. Agnes is featured with her washed blue denim look overalls with a front pocket and navy blue over-stitching at the seams. She is dressed in a yellow and tan striped T-shirt, white sneakers with light blue stripes and has on her iconic yellow socks.
  2. Her big brown eyes are expressive — eyebrows inquisitively raised. Her little button nose and pert smile with ever-so-slight pink cheeks provide a warm welcome to any who adopt her and hug her outstretched arms.
  3. AgnesDespicable Me Agnes measures just over 10-inches in height and weighs less than half a pound making her easy to tote for small hands.


  1. This Agnes doll is officially licensed Despicable Me merchandise that has been made outside the U.S. and is imported.
  2. Agnes has no small parts, does not need batteries and her clothing items are not removable.
  3. Her eyes, eyebrows and mouth are embroidered. The buttons on her denim-look bib overalls are soft fabric.
  4. Her hair and ponytail is a felt type material and not the typical hair you would find on a doll. Her hair is not suitable for combing or styling.
  5. This Agnes plush doll is made from a soft, polyester synthetic material. Machine washing little Agnes is not recommended, however, she is spot cleanable.
  6. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not this Despicable Me merchandise review site.
  7. Pricing will change based on availability and popularity.