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Despicable Me 2 Minions Fireman BEE-DO Figure

Minion Carl, also affectionately known as “Bee-Do” is the adorable one-eyed Minions Fireman with a buzz cut from Despicable Me 2.

He got the alias “Bee-Do” when he charged into Gru’s office after Gru sets his telephone on fire.

While two Minions try to extinguish the fire, Minion Carl, complete with lights and megaphone, tries to act like a fire siren.

This results in Carl getting sprayed by fellow Minion Stuart with a fire extinguisher. Did you know he was originally known as “Alarm Minion”?

Minions Fireman Carl is hilarious in this talking action figure from Despicable Me with his flashing red light headgear, and his actual “Bee-Do” voice from the movie.

Bee-DoHe has over 20 different sayings. In the Fireman Mode, press Minion Carl’s front pocket to hear the “Bee-Do” sounds — his head gear will flash and the lights in his head gear will spin.

For the Talk Mode, you press his right hand and you hear his authentic movie voice as well as siren and lights sound effects.

For even more laughs, press his left hand to hear him speak with an echo along with entertaining lights and siren sounds.

Not only is he funny and entertaining, he is also a soft, huggable plush. Dressed like other Despicable Me Minions, he’s outfitted in denim-look light blue overalls, complete with Gru’s “G” logo on the pocket.

Facts about Minions Fireman Carl Talking Figure

  1. This is officially licensed Despicable Me 2 merchandise
  2. Minions Fireman Carl measures about 11-1/2 inches in height (minus head gear) and is about 9-inches wide with arms extended.
  3. He is made outside the US and imported
  4. Carl’s overall weight is just under two pounds which makes him easy for toting around
  5. Because of his fireman’s head gear, he is a little top heavy and may not stand on his own
  6. There are two (2) modes of play – The Fireman Mode which is activated when you press his pocket and the Talk Mode when you press either of Minion Carl’s hands
  7. This Despicable Me 2 talking figure requires two (2) AA-alkaline batteries.
  8. There ARE two (2) batteries included, HOWEVER, these batteries are for “Try Me” in the store purposes only and ARE NOT full strength. Without FRESH batteries (purchased separately) some of Fireman Carl’s features may not work correctly.
  9. This adorable little Minion is spot cleanable but not machine washable
  10. His plush fabric body and clothes are made from durable man-made materials that can stand up to some tough play
  11. Prices for talking Minion Fireman Carl are set by the supplier and not this website
  12. Prices will vary based on popularity and availability of the merchandise


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