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8-Inch Despicable Me Talking Dave Minion Magic

What’s better than seeing Minion Dave from Despicable Me on screen? Having a talking Dave Minion entertain you in person — in the form of this 8-inch interactive action figure.

Dave is that lovable little Minion from Despicable Me who whips out his rocket launcher at the announcement by Gru of a moon heist. Dave is one of our favorite minions because he’s sweet by nature, has warm brown eyes and he combs his hair — not only that but Dave likes ice cream, cupcakes and is crazy for bananas!  How can you go wrong by inviting Dave to add a ton of fun to your family?

Before making a decision to buy, you should know first what to expect  and what makes him so special when you get him. Below are some of the important functions and features of this talented, very popular little Minion.

These features are for the 8″ regular TALKING DAVE Minion. There is a Collector’s Dave Talking Action Figure that is 9-inches in height and only has 30+ sayings when compared to this version with 55 sayings and sound effects. Besides the inch difference in height, another difference between the two version is this 8-inch Minion Dave has plastic overalls whereas the 9″ Despicable Me Minion Dave has fabric overalls.

Functions and Features of 8″ Minion Dave Despicable Me

  • Dave is recommended for fans ages 4 and older because he has small parts which may pose a hazard to anyone younger.
  • The soft rubbery skin on Dave’s yellow upper body works well, allowing you to tilt and lean him easily. The lower body is all hard plastic, and his batteries are housed just above the legs.
  • Dave stands just over 8″ tall and has a little heft to him. He may visually seem a little top heavy but he is well balanced on his short little legs.
  • Press Dave’s pocket in the middle of his overalls to make him talk. He’ll offer funny sayings or laughs. As you move his head, his eyes will roll and he will make laughable sounds and offer more phrases.
  • After pressing Dave’s pocket, then stick your finger into Dave’s mouth to see and hear him go into “Banana Mode”.
  • Dave will dance and sing the “Banana Song” but bananas also make him fart. For superior fart noises press Dave’s tongue twice and he toots like a trooper! Younger fans with smaller fingers might have to experiment to find the right spot on the back of Dave’s tongue to get him to enter “Banana Mode”.
  • Dave will go back to the Talk Mode after he has made 4 fart sounds. Dave, in his authentic movie voice, has 55 funny sayings and sound effects — many are weird gibberish in the funny language of Minions. He will even make kissing sounds.
  • Dave will nod off to sleep after a period of inactivity and will automatically turn off so don’t think his batteries are dead — this is just to save battery power.  Just press Dave’s pocket to wake him up and reactivate the toy.
  • Two AA Alkaline batteries are used to make Dave work. The toy comes with two batteries already installed but these are store demonstration batteries only — the box contains access holes so customers can try out Dave’s features in a store. These batteries have minimal capacity and should be replaced with new fresh batteries after purchase.
  • Battery location is on the bottom of the toy. A cover plate installed over the battery compartment needs to be unscrewed to install the batteries. Manufacturer says NOT to use rechargeable batteries in this toy or to mix different brands of batteries.

Tips provided by the Despicable Me Dave manufacturer

The Minion Talking Dave is manufactured in China for Thinkway Toys. Located on the bottom of the box are these recommendations:

  • Do NOT put any real food or banana into Dave’s mouth. The feeding function is pretend play only
  • Do NOT poke Dave’s mouth or tongue with a sharp object because he might get damaged. Only activate the banana mode by poking his tongue with a real finger
  • Carry Dave around by his body instead of by just an arm or a leg – it may hurt him
  • If Dave’s voice starts to slow down or distort it means he needs new batteries

See 8″ Minion Dave in Action Below

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