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Match Pair Despicable Me Minions Memory Game

This 48 card, for kids is based on favorite characters from Universal Studios Despicable Me blockbuster films.

This memory card game features all your favorite Minions in some of their craziest outfits for a matching pairs game to keep the littlest of fans entertained.

There are cards that have single character images and cards that have characters in groups making the game fun and a little challenging for young players. With that challenge comes the byproduct of beneficial development…

Benefits of Memory Match Games

The ability to recognize and memorize things are an important life skill best learned early in life. These skills will not only enhance a child’s experience in school but also in social situations and daily activities.

Playing memory match games make building an awareness and establishing patterns of recognition fun — especially when disguising that training with something they relate to and enjoy like the characters in Despicable Me.

Your child can develop skills in:

  • Cognitive awareness
  • Recognition
  • Storing information
  • Organization

They are also engaged during game play, it holds their attention, it provides interaction with other players and they delight in the rewards of making a correct match.

Playing the Despicable Me Memory Match Game

This game is best played on a flat surface — either on a large table top or on the floor works best. This games includes a set of 48 cards, all with images of Universal Despicable Me characters. The OBJECT OF THE GAME is to be the player with the most matches after all the game pieces have been turned over.

Steps in Game Play

  1. All cards are shuffled and they placed face down on a hard, flat surface
  2. The youngest player generally starts first
  3. Each play will take a turn flipping 2 cards over at a time
  4. The cards that are turned over must be seen by all players
  5. A player makes a match when 2 turned cards are identical
  6. When a player makes a match, they keep the pair of cards next to them
  7. The SAME PLAYER who made the match get another turn until they DO NOT make a match
  8. Cards that DO NOT match are again turned face down and put back in the same place
  9. When all the pairs have been matched, the player with the most pairs wins

Facts about this Memory Game for Kids

  1. This is officially licensed Universal Studios Despicable Me merchandise that has been made for Hasbro outside the US and is imported.
  2. It is recommended for Ages 3 and older with no small parts and no assembly required.
  3. For younger players, this can be a single player experience using only half the cards until a younger child gets comfortable with making matches and they do not feel overwhelmed by the number of cards.
  4. This is inexpensive entertainment that will provide them valuable lessons disguised as fun.
  5. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not this review website. Pricing will change based on popularity and availability. Expect prices to rise with release of the next Minions movie.