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Despicable Me Hug Me Plush Minion Bob with Teddy Bear

What rhymes with plush? How about blush and that is exactly what you can get , Tim to do when you squeeze their tummies on this Despicable Me plush toy.

Minion Bob (or King Bob), one of the three main characters in the latest Minions movie release, is the short, chubby little Minion with no hair but two very expressive eyes…one green and one brown. He lovingly totes a teddy bear named Tim who is a soft cuddly brown color and has two yellow button eyes.

Adorable Bob loves bedtime stories, playing with teddy bear Tim and is probably one of the more innocent and child-like of the Minions.

It is this child-like innocence that translates into some cute interaction with this new super soft, squeezable plush toy.

Plush Minion Bob Features

  1. Minion Bob Plush ToyThis Despicable Me plush toy measures about 10 inches in height and weighs approximately one pound, making him and teddy light enough for toting by small hands.
  2. He operates on 2-AA Alkaline batteries that enable him to sing, talk, interact with teddy bear Tim and blush. There are two small lights in Bob’s cheeks as well as teddy bear Tim’s cheeks that glow when they are hugged.
  3. Give Bob a hug or press his front pocket and he will sing. Teddy Bear Tim will respond to Bob’s singing with glowing cheeks.
  4. You can also press Tim’s tummy to see his cheeks light up when Bob is not singing or talking. Bob will talk and interact with his teddy bear buddy.
  5. Bob will respond to you when you hug him or shake him. When you squeeze his left hand he will talk, hum or laugh in his original movie voice.

Minion Bob with Teddy Bear Facts

  1. This is officially licensed Universal Studios Minions movie merchandise that has been made outside the US and has been imported.
  2. Bob and teddy have no sharp edges and Bob’s plastic goggles are soft — this pair is recommended for Ages 4 and older.
  3. Teddy Bear Tim is sewn onto Bob’s right hand so you do not need to worry about teddy bear Tim getting lost.
  4. There is a Velcro closure on the back of Bob that opens to reveal the concealed battery compartment. The two required AA-Alkaline batteries can be accessed with a Philips head screwdriver.
  5. Batteries are included HOWEVER, these batteries are for in-store “Try Me” purposes and are NOT full strength. For best results and to have full functioning features, fresh batteries should be installed.
  6. Because Bob and teddy have small lights in their cheeks and because there is an installed battery compartment, Bob is not machine washable — he is spot clean only!
  7. Pricing for Despicable Me Bob with teddy bear has been determined by the supplier and not this review website. Pricing will change based on popularity and availability.

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Pink 5-Piece Full Size Despicable Me Comforter Sheets Set

Little ladies who love those Despicable Me Minions can add these funny, unpredictable little yellow henchmen to their bedroom with this 5-piece set.

This pink and purple set includes one TWIN-FULL comforter that measures 72-inches by 86-inches. This colorful Minions showcased bedding will fit a standard FULL size mattress that measures 54-inches wide by 75-inches long. The drape will be approximately 9-inches on each side of the bed.

Also included is one fitted bottom sheet, one flat top sheet and two pillowcases that reverse for different looks on each side.

This Minions Bedding Set Look

  1. Despicable Me Pink Girls Full Sheet SetThe reversible comforter, included in this 5-piece bedding set, features Minion Stuart in orange pigtails, Minions Dave and Carl surrounded by dark and light pink panels dotted with rivets to make the panels appear metallic.
  2. The name “Minions” is lettered across the bottom of the comforter in multi-colored polka-dots. The reverse side of the comforter has smaller images of Dave, Carl, Stuart and Tim between pink riveted panels with hearts, equations and shapes that all mean “I love u”.
  3. The sheet set includes a flat bottom sheet with a bright white background that is peppered with pink, teal and lavender character outlines with purple pinwheels and light teal exploding star designs.
  4. The flat top sheet features a background color of lavender that mirrors the design and Minion characters that are shown on the comforter in pink. The top hem of the flat sheet is a coordinating lavender color.
  5. Pillowcases will fit a standard sized bed pillow measuring 20-inches wide by 26-inches long. Minion Dave is featured on one side with Minion Carl featured on the other side. Background colors are pink and lavender that coordinate beautifully with sheets and comforter.

Despicable Me Bedding Fabric and Care

  1. This 5-piece FULL set is made from 100 percent polyester microfiber fabric. The fiber fill for the comforter is 100 percent polyester.
  2. Laundry InstructionsMicrofiber is very soft to the touch and is thin feeling, but is very strong, tightly woven fabric. Microfiber is a polyester fabric weave with each strand thinner than a human hair. This provides an exceptionally high thread count per square in of fabric that give it a silky feel. This fabric weave is also stain, static and wrinkle resistant. It resists the “pilling” found in some other polyester blends.
  3. All pieces in this set are fully machined washable in cold or warm water using a mild detergent. The comforter should be washed on a gentle cycle to preserve the stitching and keep fiber fill from bunching.
  4. Tumble dry all pieces on low to medium dryer heat but avoid hot dryer setting as this can damage the fabric.
  5. Also avoid using bleach. Bleach will degrade fabric fibers and may cause the fabric to yellow.

Ordering Information

  1. This is officially licensed Despicable Me merchandise that has been made outside the USA and is imported.
  2. It is from the Universal Minions girl “Way 2 Cute” bedding collection.
  3. None of the pieces in this set have been treated for flame resistance.
  4. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and this this review website. Pricing will change based on popularity and availability.

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Cute Despicable Me Minions Overload Shower Curtain

Who can bring a smile to your face faster than a group of happy little henchmen? This premium artist designed Despicable Me shower curtain captures the Minions pure joy in this dimensional design.

Note the enthusiastic look of Despicable Me characters, Carl, Kevin, Stuart, Jerry, Bob and Tim in a heart shaped grouping full of Minion faces gazing at you in unconditional adoration.

If you are a Despicable Me fan with an appreciation for artisan design and want to see a little Minion love every time you or a guest enters your bath, then this is a great option in bathroom decor.

Minion Shower Curtain Look

  1. The Minions are all wearing their familiar denim look blue overalls, black boots and black gloves. The overalls feature the “Gru” emblem on the pocket. All the Minion eyes are brown with combed, spiked and sprouted hair that makes each character recognizable.
  2. Colors are in shades of blue, black, gray, white, yellow, peach and brown providing a variety for adding coordinating bathroom accessories like towels, rugs, and shower curtain rings.
  3. The curtain measures 71-inches by 74-inches and features a 12 button-hole style top for easy hanging and insertion of your favorite color and type shower hook.
  4. To take full advantage of this unique curtain design, you will want to keep the liner in your tub with the full curtain hanging out of the tub.

Despicable Me Minion Shower Curtain

Halloween Shower Curtain Fabric and Care

  1. Made from 100% polyester, this white background curtain can be machine washed and tumble dried on a low setting for easy maintenance.
  2. The fabric itself is resistant to mildew and hard water deposits.
  3. As a premium feature, this polyester microfiber shower curtain is infused with a moisture repelling 3M technology that is stain and water resistant keeping the fabric looking newer, longer.
  4. Water “resistant” means it is not waterproof and will require a liner provided by you.

Ordering Information and Options

  1. This Despicable shower curtain is not available in any big box retailer — it is only available for purchase online.
  2. Each curtain, clean and crisp in its digital detailing, is made to order in the USA and available to ship to buyers in 3 to 5 business days.
  3. This same design may also be ordered as a duvet cover, throw rug, tote bag, phone and iPad cases as well as other options through the link below.
  4. Bright in its overall dimensional design, this will not darken a smaller bathroom and will add a great splash of color.
  5. Pricing will be based on the Despicable Merchandise you select and has not been determined by our review website.