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5-Piece Despicable Me Bedding Set Full Size

Enjoy a room full of wide-eyed wonder with the explosion of Minions on this FULL size, 5-piece Despicable Me Bedding Set. This is from the Despicable Me licensed “Testing 123” collection.

The set includes one (1) FULL size reversing comforter, one (1) fitted bottom sheet, one (1) flat top sheet and two (2) reversing pillowcases. That rambunctious bunch of Minions Stuart, Dave, Jerry, Kevin and Tim look ready for mischief in brilliant colors and crisp details like they stepped right out of the Despicable Me movies.

The reversing comforter measures 72-inches wide by 86-inches long and is made from a 100 percent polyester microfiber shell and fill. Microfiber is extremely soft to the touch without having to wash it multiple times as you do with some cotton polyester blends. This fabric also resists runs, resists wrinkles and stains and will not “pill” like some other fabrics.

Find a brilliant bright blue industrial-looking background with Minions Jerry, Stuart, Dave and Kevin all jockeying for position on one side of the comforter face.

They are true to their Despicable Me characters in bright yellow wearing their metal goggles, denim-look blue overalls with Gru’s “G” emblem and wearing their small black gloves and boots.

The comforter reverses to a dark teal background with light blue detailing of riveted metal panels surrounded by accents of yellow, light red, black and light blue.

This 4-piece FULL size Despicable Me sheet set features a blue background on the fitted bottom sheet  which is a great contrast to the white background of the flat top sheet.

The background imaging on both sheets showcases the digital details, riveted metal paneling and a Test No. 56 one would expect to see in Gru’s lab along with Gru’s iconic “G” logo.

Enjoy the “selfie” of Minion Jerry on one side of the reversing pillowcases with the whole Minion clan pushing for front and center position on the other. Pillowcases will fit a standard bed pillow that measures 20-inches by 26-inches.

Facts about this Despicable Me Bedding

  • This is a 5-piece FULL size set of officially licensed Despicable Me bedding
  • It includes one comforter measuring 72-inches by 86-inches, one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases
  • The drape for this comforter on a FULL size bed measuring 54 inches wide will be 9-inches each side
  • Fabric is a 100% micro-fiber shell and 100% microfiber fill
  • The Despicable Me comforter is machine washable in cold water
  • Cold water washing will preserve the vibrant colors
  • The comforter can be tumble dried on a low setting
  • The variety of colors in this FULL bedding comforter set make it easy to add coordinating room accents
  • As officially licensed Despicable Me merchandise, this set is made outside the US and imported
  • Pillow shams and bed skirts are NOT included with this Minions comforter set
  • This is a lighter weight comforter and transitions well between seasons
  • The prices for this Despicable Me bedding set are determined by the supplier and not by this website
  • Prices will vary based on availability and popularity


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20-Pc Despicable Me 2 Action Mini Figures Collection

Get the whole crew from the Despicable Me 2 series with this 20-PIECE mini action figure collection of the iconic characters from this hilarious film series.

This collection consists of twenty (20) two-inch highly detailed figurines to line any dresser, book shelf, office desk, window ledge or anywhere these characters will brighten your day.

Popular characters Gru, Lucy, Margo, Edith, Bedtime Agnes, Unicorn, Dr. Nefario, Young Gru, El Macho, Antonio, Bee-Do Minion, Minion Dave, Minion with Cupcake, Minion Stuart, Minion Worker, Minion Maid, Minion Carl, Minion Jerry, Minion Tim, and an Evil Purple Minion are all included to re-create favorite scenes from the Despicable Me 2 film.

Despicable Me 2 Mini FiguresFor those that haven’t seen it, it’s all about Gru, new family man and father to three orphaned girls who gets contacted (rather kidnapped) by an ultra-secret organization to fight global scale evil. After all, Gru was once the world’s greatest villain.

The detailing is crisp and clean with every character an exact likeness to that from the film.

Because these are two-inch tall Despicable Me characters, they call into the “small parts” category when determining the best age for owning them. The manufacturer has determined that these best suited to those Ages 4 and older.

These characters can be cleaned with a damp cloth and should be kept out of the dishwasher. Dishwasher detergents are strong and will eat away the painted colors and detailing.

It’s probably a good idea to keep them away from curious pets who might just find them a tasty snack!

Facts  about the Despicable Me 2 Mini Figures

  1. This is one set containing 20 figurines — specific included characters are listed above.
  2. Each 2-inch character is made from molded plastic with no moving parts.
  3. It is officially licensed Despicable Me merchandise that has been made outside the US and is imported from China.
  4. Pricing will vary based on product availability and popularity.
  5. Small little stands are included for each character as they cannot stand on their own.
  6. Figures are well made to withstand some serious play.
  7. These Despicable Me mini figures play well with other toys and playsets like LEGO for hours of entertainment.
  8. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not this review website.