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Despicable Me 2 Decorations Giant Wall Decals

How tall am I is the question with these unpredictably hilarious giant Despicable Me 2 wall decals. These Despicable Me wall stickers, by RoomMates, are the perfect decorations for any open expanse of bedroom, bathroom or playroom wall for Minion fans of all ages. Find Minions Kevin, Jerry and Dave poised and ready for trouble right out of the package.

Decals range in size from 12-inches wide to about 15-inches in height for the Minions and 3-inches or larger for the banana, apple, fart blaster, cupcakes and signs.

Stack these mischievous Minions end to end, as shown, for an overall height of just over 48-inches. What a great idea for your little Minion lover to chart their growth.

These Despicable Me wall stickers are made under the RoomMates brand and are identified as Product Part Number RMK2081GM.

despicable me wall stickersThe set includes eleven (11) different decals that come on sheets — individual images can be peeled from the sheets (they are adhesive backed) and can placed on any flat surface. Decals are removable at any time and can be rearranged for different looks without any worry of damage to the surface behind it.

Enjoy Kevin, the one-eyed Minion with the short buzz cut, who was accidentally hit by the shrink ray in Gru’s attempt to demonstrate it. Also in this set is Jerry, the overly sensitive Minion, when Kevin teases him for being a coward, who loves to play the guitar; and Dave, the accident prone but intelligent two-eyed Minion with the nicely combed hair.

Each Minion wall sticker is an exact likeness of the characters from the Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 blockbuster movies. The colors are bright and the details are clear and crisp.

Just the Facts about these Despicable Me Wall Decals

  • This is a peel and stick set of large wall decals from Universal Studios Despicable Me film franchise
  • These are RoomMates brand Model Number RMK2081GM stickers
  • Character likenesses are exact, high quality and true to the blockbuster films
  • Sticker sizes vary, ranging in size from about 12-inches up to a stacked height of over 48-inches
  • Decals are officially licensed Universal Studios Despicable Me merchandise and made in the USA
  • For best results, they should be applied to a smooth surface rather than a textured surface
  • Adhesive backing on these decals will not damage walls, wallpaper, tile or furniture surfaces where they may be applied
  • Adhesive is strong enough to withstand humidity if used in a bathroom
  • Great for Minion fans of any age to be greeted by their zany favorites Dave, Jerry and Kevin
  • This is a very inexpensive way to decorate an open span of blank wall space
  • They are easily removable to new locations or for rearranging without losing the adhesive backing
  • Prices for the large Despicable Me Wall decorations are set by the supplier and not this website
  • Prices will vary based on product availability and popularity