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Jumbo Huggable Talking Minion Bob Toy

Short and bald are adorable on this large Minion Bob huggable talking toy. Little round Minion Bob is not so little in real life with this super soft, plush talking version. He is almost as round as he is tall measuring approximately 15-inches from head to toe and weighing in at just over 7-ounces.

Bob is loved for his childish nature when compared to the other Minions, making him the perfect “Little Brother” who manages to find love in just about anything and everything. He loves bedtime stories and playing with his favorite stuffed teddy bear he named Tim.

Talking Minion Bob Features

  1. This talking Minion Bob says and makes 20 different phrases and sounds — all in his original movie voice.
  2. His multi-colored green and brown eyes light up with the sound effects behind the gray goggles familiar to all the Minions.
  3. He comes with two different operating modes accessed through the Velcro panel in his back. The “Try Me” mode is more for in-store purposes where Bob is limited in the number of phrases he speaks. The “Play” mode lets Bob speak all the phrases he is programmed with.
  4. This Minion toy takes three (3) AA-Alkaline batteries that ARE included with purchase. However, these batteries are for the in-store “Try Me” purpose and may not be full strength. For best results, fresh batteries should be used.
  5. Minion Bob is super soft, very plush and huggable with no small parts.
  6. He has quality stitching to withstand extreme hugging and toting around by the smallest of fans.
  7. While Bob’s goggles are a softer plastic, they may be the only accessory that keeps fans from using him as a pillow.
  8. Talking Minion Bob has been made outside the US and is imported from China.
  9. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not our review website.

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Despicable Me Talking Minion Bob Loves His Teddy Bear

The most childish of the Minion clan, Bob is the classic “little brother” — the innocent who finds love in just about anything. He loves bedtime stories just about as much as he loves his little brown teddy bear with the yellow buttoned eyes.

Minion Bob, formerly known as “King Bob” first appeared in Despicable Me 2 and appears in the new movie Minions. He is the short, chubby little Minion with a bald head and multi-colored eyes. He has one green eye and one brown eye.

This  from Thinkway Toys focuses on his love of his little stuffed bear he named “Tim”. Bob is just one of a new line from Thinkway of Minion action figures, each with its own exclusive, interactive accessory.

Features of Talking Despicable Me Minion Bob

  1. Bob has a soft skin upper body that makes his head easy to move so his eyes open and close and he looks right and left depending on how you rotate his head.
  2. His hard plastic lower body acts as the concealed battery compartment and the stable base so Despicable Me Bob can stand.
  3. Bob comes with two modes of play — Talking Mode activated when you press his pocket or move his head and Teddy Bear Mode where you can hear Bob sing and talk to his teddy bear named “Tim”.
  4. Bob has 20 sayings, songs and sound effects you will hear plus lots of giggles and laughing and a few baby tears.
  5. His arms move up and down and bend at the elbow and his little black booted feet can be positioned. Minion Bob measures about 9″ in height and weighs just under two (2) pounds.
  6. Despicable Me Bob takes two (2) AA-Alkaline batteries that are INCLUDED but these batteries are NOT full strength and are used for in-store “Try Me” purposes only. For best results, fresh NEW batteries should be installed.
  7. If Bob and his bear are left alone for a while Bob will go into sleep mode until you press his pocket or move his head.

Facts about this Talking Minion Bob Toy

  1. This is officially licensed Despicable Me merchandise distributed by Thinkway Toys that is made outside the US, in China, and is imported.
  2. The manufacturer recommends this for Ages 4 and older due to small parts.
  3. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not this review website. Pricing will vary based on popularity and availability.
  4. Even those not familiar with Minions will find it hard not to say “AWWW” when Bob starts talking!