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Despicable Me Hug Me Plush Minion Bob with Teddy Bear

What rhymes with plush? How about blush and that is exactly what you can get , Tim to do when you squeeze their tummies on this Despicable Me plush toy.

Minion Bob (or King Bob), one of the three main characters in the latest Minions movie release, is the short, chubby little Minion with no hair but two very expressive eyes…one green and one brown. He lovingly totes a teddy bear named Tim who is a soft cuddly brown color and has two yellow button eyes.

Adorable Bob loves bedtime stories, playing with teddy bear Tim and is probably one of the more innocent and child-like of the Minions.

It is this child-like innocence that translates into some cute interaction with this new super soft, squeezable plush toy.

Plush Minion Bob Features

  1. Minion Bob Plush ToyThis Despicable Me plush toy measures about 10 inches in height and weighs approximately one pound, making him and teddy light enough for toting by small hands.
  2. He operates on 2-AA Alkaline batteries that enable him to sing, talk, interact with teddy bear Tim and blush. There are two small lights in Bob’s cheeks as well as teddy bear Tim’s cheeks that glow when they are hugged.
  3. Give Bob a hug or press his front pocket and he will sing. Teddy Bear Tim will respond to Bob’s singing with glowing cheeks.
  4. You can also press Tim’s tummy to see his cheeks light up when Bob is not singing or talking. Bob will talk and interact with his teddy bear buddy.
  5. Bob will respond to you when you hug him or shake him. When you squeeze his left hand he will talk, hum or laugh in his original movie voice.

Minion Bob with Teddy Bear Facts

  1. This is officially licensed Universal Studios Minions movie merchandise that has been made outside the US and has been imported.
  2. Bob and teddy have no sharp edges and Bob’s plastic goggles are soft — this pair is recommended for Ages 4 and older.
  3. Teddy Bear Tim is sewn onto Bob’s right hand so you do not need to worry about teddy bear Tim getting lost.
  4. There is a Velcro closure on the back of Bob that opens to reveal the concealed battery compartment. The two required AA-Alkaline batteries can be accessed with a Philips head screwdriver.
  5. Batteries are included HOWEVER, these batteries are for in-store “Try Me” purposes and are NOT full strength. For best results and to have full functioning features, fresh batteries should be installed.
  6. Because Bob and teddy have small lights in their cheeks and because there is an installed battery compartment, Bob is not machine washable — he is spot clean only!
  7. Pricing for Despicable Me Bob with teddy bear has been determined by the supplier and not this review website. Pricing will change based on popularity and availability.

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Cool Crayola Color Alive Minions Edition Coloring Book

Just in time for the 2015 release of the latest Minions movie, comes the edition animated coloring book. It is available for pre-order until its release on July 15, 2015.

Color Alive, brings the characters your child colors, with special crayons, to life in 3D and 4D with the use of the included Color Alive App.

This creative coloring collection includes 16 pages of Minion characters and 7 different color Crayola crayons. One of the 7 crayons is a special color, “Banana Banana” yellow that adds unique effects when scanned by the App.

The coloring pages in the book are of good quality paper and will not tear at the crayon stroke of any overzealous artists!

How Minions Color Alive Works

  1. The magic happens when you download the Color Alive app to your iPad, iPhone or Android device. When your child uses the included “special” crayons to color the pictures, the character images take on a 3D and 4D effects appearing to rise out of the device surface — wearing the shades, lines and designs your child has artfully applied.
  2. The app also allows the characters to move and turn and each has a special trick or feature unique to them.
  3. When you hook up your device to Bluetooth compatible speakers, they also make interesting sounds.
  4. The 7 Color Alive crayons included with this Minions Edition will also work with the other Color Alive books for Skylanders, Barbie, Mythical Creatures, Enchanted Forest and Monster High.

Minions 2015Where to Download the App

The app for this edition is available for download from Windows Store, the Apple app store and Google Play.

It is compatible with iOS Android Windows smartphones, tablets and iPod touch devices only. Devices are not included.

For Glitch-Free Operation Keep Reading

The other editions of Color Alive have not been without their hiccups, leaving a few little artists frustrated along with their parents or gift givers. With the release of the Minions Edition coloring book, we hope any bugs have been worked out. That said, here is a workaround for any “crashing” apps…

Where many initially make a mistake is having your child color a page first and then scanning it into the app when just the opposite should be done — this thanks to the folks at Crayola’s customer service department.

  1. When your child chooses a color for the first time and it is scanned, it becomes automatically saved. This saved color can be located on the app’s main page called “My Saved Stuff”.
  2. The second step in the process is to scan an UNCOLORED page. The page will then have two options — 4D and “Sparkly” crayon. In this edition, the “Sparkly” crayon is the Banana Banana yellow.
  3. Choosing the 4D option lets your child name and save the Minion.
  4. Clicking the “Sparkly” crayon adds a sparkle effect to your child’s artwork.
  5. Saved characters can be found in the “My Saved Stuff” location.

Ordering Information

  1. This is officially licensed Universal Studios Minions merchandise recommended for ages 4 and older.
  2. The Color Alive Minions coloring book has been made outside the US and is imported. The Crayola crayons have been made in the USA.
  3. The app is free to download and will only work with compatible devices as noted above.
  4. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not this Despicable Me review website. Pricing WILL change based on availability and popularity.